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Default Re: Ali VS Joe Louis who wins and how?

Originally Posted by MadcapMaxie View Post
Except Ali wasn't a heavybag, he'd be moving with speed Louis had never encountered, getting a very unorthodox, very accurate and very fast jab repeatedly shoved in his face. Ali also had the fastest reflexes of any Heavy ever he could be standing in front of Louis and making him miss. Ali after tagging with the jab would throw a very fast combo and move. George Chuvalo said it best "Louis had trouble with stick and move guys and who is a better stick and move guy than Ali?". On the flipside Louis didn't have either the best chin or the best defense, he had no clue what to do with the movement and jab of Walcott or the speed of Conn. Ali is both of these things, squared, and much much more. I honestly think Ali would take out Louis before the 10th, probably closer to the 5th tbh.

Ali wasn't ANYTHING like the giants Louis slayed he was no Baer, Simon or Carnera.

I think Louis had an excellent chin and even against Schmeling and lowering his LEFT HAND to be countered Louis took some murderous punches, was Henry Cooper or Banks a harder puncher than Schmeling yet he had Ali down and Louis got up from KDs vs Walcott who had the speed of hand and remarkable one punch pin point power.

Did Ken Norton have a better chin than Louis, yet Ali could not crack that egg

I think Louis counter ability and Ali's vulnerability to the left hook are underrated here, also no Heavy Champ had the power combo + speed variation with 2 hands that Louis had and who had more finishing instinct and the tools to execute the kill than the Brown Bomber
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Default Re: Ali VS Joe Louis who wins and how?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Ali is one of only 2 guys in an ATG H2H sense I pick over Joe Louis.
Who's the other guy, MagnaNasakki?
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