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Default Re: Andre Ward Clowning Froch On Twitter

IMO Ward should fight Froch in Nottingham if Froch can get and beat Kessler in his next fight (or if he is forced to smash Bute up again.

Now Ward doesn't have to fight Froch away from home but imo it would be a good idea for him because he has a reputation as a stay at home boxer (I know Vegas isn't near Oakland), the risk is low as he has already beaten Froch 9-3 with one hand and it would get him a **** load of Brit fans.

Once he is through with Pavlik then there is no one at the weight to really challemnge him so he might as well take the biggest paying fight and imo that would be Froch and matchroom would pay the bucks to get him over here.
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Default Re: Andre Ward Clowning Froch On Twitter

Originally Posted by irishny View Post
He fought Froch 4000 miles from Oakland,in front of a Froch friendly crowd.

Also Ward is 28, and you have no idea where he'll fight in the future,and who he'll fight.
So stop talking ****.
Aye, You claimed SRL never fought outside the USA and then showed you knew nothing of environment at the venue in which did exactly that. Olympic Stadium > Atlantic City Boardwalk. Knocking out Thomas Hearns in Vegas > Beating Froch in Nottingham. He's fighting Kelly Pavlik next, and hasn't beaten anybody better than Ayub Kalule.

Talking ****? More like, 'taking the ****'. Ward doesn't have to go anywhere, honestly.
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Default Re: Andre Ward Clowning Froch On Twitter

Mack sux and he sucked against Froch last sat. If Froch beats an actual slickster then his fans can make a case for him to be able to beat Ward in rematch.
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Default Re: Andre Ward Clowning Froch On Twitter

Originally Posted by knockout artist View Post
Thanks mate, you too. I don't think Floyd would, but he's never had any reason to either. If you look at all of Floyd's prospective opponents

Pacquiao - fights in America
Bradley- fights in America
Berto - fights in America
Guerrero - fights in America
Martinez - fights in America
Hi pal!

You're right, Floyd doesn't have to, but as I say, I don't think he would have travelled anyway. If he'd have had a DM type opponent, I'm sure he wouldn't even have considered it.

Martinez and Pac have both moved to America to make it big.

Money and the chance to become undisputed champ

Look at the fights out there for Ward

He wanted nothing to do with Bute

Froch - Europe

Kessler - Europe

Nathan Cleverly - America

George Groves in the future - Europe/America
I don't think he's bothered about unifying the titles, while ever Froch is the champion. He fought him less than a year ago. There's no real call for a rematch at this stage, apart from Carl and his hardcore fans. He's not going to be interested in fighting a guy he's just beaten.

You kindly showed me the links for him not wanting to fight Bute, and that's fair enough, but Bute wasn't bothered about the Super Six.

I don't see how fighting Kessler again will achieve anything either. I like Kessler, and he's got a lot of heart, but Ward beat him relatively easy, so again, he gets nothing from the fight, apart from the respect of European fans. It doesn't gain him any real money, and it's not a title fight for him.

I like Clev, but he's done nothing of any note. I don't think they'd be a big call for that fight at present.

I like George Groves too, but at this stage, he's nothing more than a prospect. He's never going to get an opportunity to fight Ward anytime soon.

James De Gale needs to get a new trainer and get his finger out. He's a talented kid, and when he fights southpaw with a clear head, he's a great fighter. But everytime he switches, he gets tagged all the time. I like Jim McDonnell, but he can't get the best out of him.

I think De Gale would have beaten Groves if he'd have boxed southpaw all night, and not being as emotionally involved. Groves was calm with a clear mind.

I honestly believe that De Gale is the better fighter. I've seen both of them about 5/6 times. But it just doesn't work when James switch hits. I studied one of his last fights, and when fighting southpaw, he was dominating. His opponent couldn't land a single shot, and James was outclassing him. He then switched and had his left arm swinging low, like how Roy used to, and his opponent landed with every shot, and James looked terrible. I just can't understand why Jim hasn't got him fighting southpaw permanently. His career has now gone backwards.

The only two big names on there that will fight in America are Groves and Cleverly, we'll see if Ward wants to face them if the time is right.
If Groves keeps progressing and he fights better fighters, then that could be a fight down the line. I think if Andre moves up, a fight with Clev could be a possibility too.

I think if Andre had have come on the scene a little earlier, I think they may have been talk of a Hopkins fight. But I think Bernard wants one final fight next year to retire on.

Why go up to 175? There's no-one there, he had a chance to face Dawson there but didn't want to take that risk

There's Nathan Cleverly, but that's a bad styles match up for Ward, I'm not sure he'd been keen on facing Clev.
You're right 175 is weak, but apart from Bute, there's nothing left at 168, unless Dirrell gets his **** in gear. I personally think Andre will wait another 12 months to see how things play out. I think if Dirrell gets back into the mix, and Bute comes back strong, those fights could be made.

Clev's a great fighter, but he's still a bit of a no name at the moment on the world stage, and he hasn't fought and beaten any great fighters.

I have no problem with the Pavlik fight, it's a big name and he's tailor made for Andre. It'll be good for building a fanbase, and fun to watch.
I said I was disappointed with the Pavlik fight, but actually I will watch that, because I like Pavlik. Also Andre deserves a fight like this at this stage of his career.

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Default Re: Andre Ward Clowning Froch On Twitter

Part 2.

I don't see how you can rate the Dawson win? I wasn't aware anyone saw it as 50/50, with Dawson coming down to 168 and going to Oakland, I called it to be an easy night for Ward. I've never really rated Dawson at all, he got lucky against Glen Johnson, and the guys he's faced like Tarver and Hopkins, he got them at the right time. Otherwise, he lost to Pascal, I can see Tony Bellew or Nathan Cleverly both possibly beating him in the next couple of years
I don't rate the win, but I respect him for making the fight. Because at the time it was made, I though he'd take an easy fight like the next one with Pavlik. When the fight was made, a lot of people thought it was an even fight. Chad assured everyone the weight wouldn't be a problem, and it wouldn't be an excuse. Half way through camp, Chad was saying how great he felt. Obviously we now know, that Chad had serious problems, and he was weight drained.

But like I say, at the time the fight was signed, it was a big fight that people were interested in. You can bet your life that if Chad had thrown down the challenge, and Andre had have said "No I'm not interested, I want Froch or Kessler again" he'd have been ridiculed for it. That fight was a bigger fight than a Froch or Kessler rematch.

Now, after the event, people are saying, Chad was an easy win, why won't/didn't he fight Froch again? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Andre has no desire to fight a guy who he's just recently beaten. They'll be threads on here soon, stating that Andre's ducking him.

I know Ward got about 1m for the Dawson fight, I think he would have gotten more to rematch Kessler or Froch in Denmark or England - those would have been bigger fights IMO
Bigger fights for who? Again at the time, Dawson was a bigger challenge than a Kessler/Froch rematch. Ward has just beaten Froch, he's not interested in a rematch. It wasn't even a close fight.

I heard Chad got stopped in sparring by Miranda? Says it all really. I can't imagine how much he regrets agreeing to fight at 168
I'm sure he's got a lot of regrets. But again, hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I'm sure that if Chad and John Scully thought it was going to be a problem, they wouldn't have signed for the fight. I'm just hoping that if/when Andre moves up, he gives him a rematch.

Did anyone think Chad would be anything near the same at 168? I can't speak for everyone, but most I spoke to agreed Chad would be dead at the weight. I remember an article on the ESB front page and other sites saying Dawson looked like a drained zombie at the weigh in. I can't see how it's a great win personally? I think Froch TKO5 Bute was the far better win
The reports I read, all had it as an even fight when the fight was first signed. Like I say, Chad was making statements at the press conferences, and in camp, stating that everything was fine. (obviously something went wrong, and they tried to keep things under wraps, and they didn't want to give anything away.)

A lot of sites did say Chad looked weak at the weigh in, but again, when the fight was originally signed, the weight issue was instantly dismissed by Chad and all of his team, and the fight was seen as a great competitive fight.

I don't think he'll be at 175 anytime soon personally, SMW is weak, LHW is even worse. He had a chance to move up to fight Chad and refused, he even refused a 170 catchweight. Ward's team are very clever in how they've handled their fighter. They didn't want Bute when he was a perceived threat, but made a low risk high reward fight against Dawson, only on the basis they could bring him all the way down to 168.
Well from what I heard, Chad was more than happy to fight at 168, because again, at the time, nobody thought he would have any trouble making the weight. Everyone was confident. If Bute had have entered the Super Six, they could have fought. The Bute fight could still happen at some point down the line. They're both at the right age.

I think Dirrell could be a tough fight for Ward, he's unlike anyone Ward has faced. But he's weak mentally, I think Ward would grind him down and beat him to a wide decision
Andre Dirrell beat Froch in my opinion, and he's got some serious skills. But you're right, he's lacking mentally. Hopefully Floyd Mayweather Snr will get him back on track. At the moment, Ward would definitely win. As I've mentioned before, Dirrell was my original pick to win The Super Six. I don't like Mayweather Snr, but he's a great trainer, so I'll be watching Dirrell's comeback with great interest.

Look out for George Groves in the next few years mate, he's a real talent. I'm looking at getting tickets for his fight with Glen Johnson in December, Johnson is a legend who always gives his all, and it'll be a real acid test for Groves
As I say, I like Groves, he's a good fighter. I was surprised that Glen has come out of retirement. I've always liked Glen, and if he trains hard, Groves will be in for a tough night. But I don't know how Glen looked in his last fight. The last time I saw him, was when he fought Froch. How much as he got left? Maybe George will dominate him? I'll be watching with interest.

Great debate mate, just reply back whenever you've got the time.

Regards, Loudon.

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