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Default Re: ESPN2 FNF: Carlos Molina vs. Cory Spinks RBR

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Oh yeah...Donovan "Da Bomb" George fought on the undercard.

I'm assuming nothing untoward happened against the 11-4-1 (eight KO's, all losses by) James Cook?
it was over in the first round. donovan stalked him a little bit, tried some angles, and dropped the kid with a right hook to the body. cook stayed down
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Default Re: ESPN2 FNF: Carlos Molina vs. Cory Spinks RBR

Originally Posted by lzolnier View Post
GTFO out of here. How do you figure Mollo should have won when Szpilka KTFO him out???? If any thing, the ref was giving Mollo breathing room to rest while endlessly inspecting the cuts and Mollo was in trouble in almost all of the rounds. As a szpilka fan I was ****ing mad at the ref for calling so many timeouts in several key moments where Szpilka was dominating him. It just gave Mollo time to recoup and Mollo managed to bounce back after one of those time outs. Szpila massacred Mollo's face and showed his toughness overcoming a legit solid KD. Mollo was very tough as well, but we all knew that coming in. The guy fights on pure will. Szpilka needs to avoid brawling. I know his trainers always restrain him from doing so, but that is his first instinct and is proving difficult to undo. He did very well outboxing Mollo in half distance but Mollo is not good technically so can't give him too much credit there. His chin is actually pretty good. He got tagged with a huge clean hook, went down and kept on fighting like a man as if it were a flash KD, which it had no right to be. The KO was great!!! Very quick, hard straight shots, the essence of Szpilka's offensive skill. Can't place his power conclusively yet, but trust me, this cat will prove to be one of the quickest at HW. His speed and power could prove something to be reckoned with. Delayed reaction by Mollo, but felt it in the end and went down like a bludgeoned warrior and its only Mollo's second career stoppage. I understand Mollo's long lay off, but imo the guy is no ordinary bum and came 100% prepared, considering his layoff. He can be a solid gate keeper if he fights more often. Szpilka has had an 8 month lay off as well due to his leg injury but I want to see him matched up against a solid top 10 this year. And admit it: this was the fight of the night!

His face was ****ed up from an elbow and a headbutt.

Any other fight I can think of and those cuts would have stopped the fight. Honestly, I'm surprised the 4th round even happened. The amount of blood filtering down into his eyes was insane.

We shouldn't have seen round 4, let alone gone on long enough for the KO to happen.

Dude couldn't ****ing see.
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