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Default Re: Serious debate: Can Froch be finished? Can Kessler do it? How good is Carl Froch?

The way both fighters are talking they are going to go straight to war, toe-to-toe, I think this will suit Kessler more as Froch can be a slow starter, he could get caught cold.

I hope Froch fights smart, aiming to break Kessler down and take the fight into the later rounds where it's more likely wear and tear would catch up with the Dane as opposed to the Sherriff Of Nottingham himself.
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Default Re: Serious debate: Can Froch be finished? Can Kessler do it? How good is Carl Froch?

Not gonna read any of this, eithrrr am i coming back on this thread.
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Default Re: Serious debate: Can Froch be finished? Can Kessler do it? How good is Carl Froch?

Originally Posted by widdy View Post
Not gonna read any of this, eithrrr am i coming back on this thread.
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Thanks for commenting Froch fanboy Come again
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Default Re: Serious debate: Can Froch be finished? Can Kessler do it? How good is Carl Froch?

Im a huge Froch fan followed him his whole career.. I dont think he has improved greatly in his later years, he also seems a lot stiffer now than he used too.. but he is a lot more experienced and has a real awkward style, that with his granite chin and love of a fight makes him really good to watch.

But the Taylor fight it was nerves.. you could see he see he was incredibly nervous for most of the fight.. Ward rather than being a great fighter hes a great spoiler and as we know styles make fights.. he was all wrong for Froch.

Kessler is tough as nails but I dont think he looks as good as he once was.. but that doesnt mean I think Froch will walk over him.. Carl can win it over a hard 12 rounds I dont see either of them being sparked out unless they have declined rapidly over the last 12 months..

Gonna be a great fight and I have tickets.. buzzing..
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Default Re: Serious debate: Can Froch be finished? Can Kessler do it? How good is Carl Froch?

I believe Kessler can beat Froch.
It will not be easy, but I think Kessler can do it.

A lot of posters here are solely focusing on the fact, that Froch has had a good run since the last fight against Kessler, gaining experience against world-class operators, and winning his last two fights in spectacular style.
It is all true, but Kessler is definitely not on the decline, and probably has a lot more to offer in this rematch, compared to their first fight:

1: Kesslers eyesight is back to normal.
Kessler was known for his eagle-eyed precision before the super-six, and in the fight against Froch in 2010 he was forced to be the aggressor (not always successfully) because he couldn't rely on his precision to fight from the distance.
In his last two fights Kessler has been showing his acclaimed precision again, and Froch is normally not hard to find in the ring.

2: Kessler has been working with Jimmy Montoya as a coach now for 3 years. Montoya has been adding a lot of new weapons to Kesslers ****nal (or rather making Kessler find them again, after having relied on the "jab-jab-straight" tactics for a long time under his former coach Ricard Olsen). Montoya has been able to find fatal flaws in Kesslers last opponents every time, and present it tactically for Kessler to exploit (Allan Green dropping his right hand, exposing him for the left hook. Magees soft spot down below, etc.)
Froch-Kessler I was the Kesslers first fight with Montoya in the corner. I am sure Jimmy has been able to find a lot of new stuff about Froch, Kessler can exploit.

If Froch fights like against Bute and Mack, storming forward like a man possessed, I can see Froch being at the wrong end of a nasty counterpunch at some point in the match.
Froch has a good chin, but maybe not as good as he thinks himself.
If Froch fights like against Abraham, keeping the distance and relying on his reach advantage to outscore Kessler, it will be a much more difficult night for Kessler. Kessler would then have to rely on his speed advantage to slip, counter and close the distance, working the body like in their first match, and hitting him from awkward angles.

Froch has made it public, that he will stop Kessler before the 9th round, and it will become a war. If that is true, Kessler has a much better chance than if Froch boxes the match sensibly (which I actually think he will).
Froch also has an enormous pressure on his shoulders. He has been calling out Kessler publically, and has the home advantage, and his fans are expecting great things from him.
It could work out bad for Froch who's arguably best wins in recent time (Abraham, Bute) came after defeats, where the expectancies were much lower...

Either way, it will be an exciting match-up, which every red-blooded fight fan should look forward to !!
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Default Re: Serious debate: Can Froch be finished? Can Kessler do it? How good is Carl Froch?

Originally Posted by craney91 View Post
Taylor showed the world he can be knocked down and wobbled, the key is to follow that up, which Taylor didn't. He ended up throwing it away, getting complacent, letting Froch back in and gassing late on. Those same signs were shown against Kelly Pavlik also.

Froch came back and showed the heart of a champion in that fight, and that cannot be denied. And credit where credit is due, Froch has taken some massive shots, because of his awkward style, and because of that he will always be open to taking big shots, with the wide stance and the arms being down, the key is to connect when he leaves the chin out.....and he does leave it out A LOT.

I dont believe Froch has improved as much as some people are making out.

He destroyed Arthur Abraham after losing his first fight as a pro against Mikkel Kessler. And there is no doubting Carl's heart, that is as good as anyones in the sport. But lets be real to. Arthur Abraham is average and a stereotypical European fighter. But as for Carl's ability, I honestly think he can be got.

Andre Ward proved that.
Jermaine Taylor also proved that.

Since the Jean Pascal fight whcih he won in Nottingham by UD -

Carl won the Jermain Taylor fight in the last round in the US
A split decision win over Andre Dirrell in Nottingham
Was beat by Mikkel Kessler in Denmark
Beat Abraham in Finland
Won a MD over Glen Johnson in the US
Lost to Andre Ward in the US
Beat Bute in Nottingham
Beat Mack in Nottingham

So people are saying "Carl Froch has improved and Mikkel Kessler has declined" ?

But my question is, can you really say Froch has improved in 2 fights, Bute and Mack?

I mean come on, that is awful opposition, Bute was one of the most pampered domesticated champions in the sport. Mack is awful. Carl should have been dominating those fights. And he did.

I guess we will see just how much Carl has "improved" in this next fight.

I know this might be harsh, but I can assure you I'm not trolling - is Carl Froch all that?

Great chin, great heart. But what else?

I'm not a fanboy or a hater, I'm a total neutral. And I am purely looking at it like that. I rate Carl Froch in areas, and give him plenty of credit, but in others he is average.

I honestly believe Kessler can beat Froch in the rematch, and not only beat him, but finish the fight on away ground.

But what do you think?

Keep it clean, and above all, protect yourselves at all times.

This is a serious debate, please do not wreck it. If you want to be off topic, do it elsewhere
Long post to read crainey old lad!

Will be honest from the off,Im a Kessler fan.

This is going to be another hard fight. Both fighters can and have been put down. I think it is unlikely Froch can stop or knock out Kessler. I do think however that Kess can do it to Froch especially if Froch comes out thinking this is going to be like Bute all over again.

I think this will be won on skill in the end though,I think the first 3/4 rounds will be tight but Kessler will be just in front. My feeling is that if in the Kessler corner they feel they are ahead after 4 they will use the advantage in skills to take a decision and the outright war Froch was expecting just wont happen.

Froch is a cracking fighter and if he were to win it I would not be stunned or anything. I just dont think he has developed at all from the first Kessler fight so how will this be a different outcome? People say Mikkel is in decline but he has only been a winner since that fight so I dont see it at all.

Kessler UD is what I think.
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