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Default Re: RJJ not in any shape to face top competition

I hear ya, but what I am saying is Jones used his handspeed AND legspeed to land punches in the center of the ring. He looked awkward trying to throw punches in the middle of the ring last night. He was reaching and coming up short....Hopkins will be able to beat Jones to the punch because hopkins has a much better jab. Jones doesn't use a jab and doesn't have the legs to leap in with powerful potshots anymore. In the center of the ring, Jones' handspeed speed can now be negated by a good jab( which Hopkins will have )

Hopkins has better reach and will gain a scoring advantage when Jones covers up on the ropes. WHen jones decides to counter off of the ropes, hopkins will just back off ...rinse and repeat
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Default Re: RJJ not in any shape to face top competition

Roy has been old for a while now. Tarver I was masked by him being so weight drained. Tarver II he was past his prime but still had something to give but then was sparked. Johnson onwards he was done.

Jones is human and can be put on the ropes but more or less anyone can do it now. Hell, guys like Johnson and Hanshaw are outspeeding him. Pretty much everyone overwhelms him in the first round. He can't appear to keep anyone honest with his power. His stamina isn't what it once was and he has to pace himself.

I give him credit though. He paces himself, picks his shots better, goes to the body a bit more etc He is accepting he is old. Before the Hanshaw fight he talked about some of the **** he used to pull off in the ring, he can't do that anymore. Once he pulled that **** off v Hopkins and Toney, now he can barely do it v an Anthony Hanshaw.

I respect what RJJ has done, like Holyfield. It is the sort of thing Robinson and that did back in the day. They were past it, started losing but muster some wins over lower level contenders.
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Default Re: RJJ not in any shape to face top competition

Originally Posted by MexicanJew
I want him to fight B-Hop, just to watch Hopkins brutalize his ass. That would such a great beating. Hopkin is killer when he has guys on the ropes, and he has a wicked right hand. Jones would get knocked out like a ****ing sledhammer to a watermelon. Maybe then his Diva ***** Ego would finally dye. He is a shadow of his former slef, a ****ed on by a drunk in an alleyway shadow. And he still has the audacity to say he wants challenges. Bull****. That is why he hasnt called out anybody worth fighting. Tito Trinidad, who has had three fights in six years, hasnt fought in two, and was in his prime as a 147 welterweight. That is who he is calling ouut. Utterly pathetic
Wasn't Hopkins offered a 60/40 split by Jones where the winner gets 60 and the loser 40 ? What happened Hopkins looked at Winky a much smaller fighter ..I think you need to review the facts bfore you start pointing fingers at certrain fighters ...And Hopkins couldn't knock out a green Taylor but yet he will brutalize Jones ?? I hope they fight I think hopkins can avenge his loss to Jones but its not going to be easy by any means ..Jones still has a speed advanatage over Hopkins even now .. !
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