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Rex Tickard
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Default Re: Just watched Mayorga-Forrest I.

Originally Posted by lora View Post

He looked like he had no clue how to handle an aggressive unorthodox non-textbook puncher.Just an all-round lack of poise really, but you get that with some textbook fighters, they just can't handle the awkward brawling maniacs that don't give them what they are used to and don't respect the skills or power.
Exactly how I viewed it - Forrest was the definition of a textbook fighter, but Mayorga is the kind of guy that requires you to throw the book out when you fight, and Forrest just couldn't do that.
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Colonel Sanders
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Default Re: Just watched Mayorga-Forrest I.

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Forrest struggled with Mayorga because of how he used his feet to punch.

Vernon Forrest LOVED a base to generate power. Wide stance, bent knees, feet on the ground, man. Mayorga was an absolute monster at what Eddie Futch called "Forward flinging"; His momentum carried him ahead, and he still hit hard even when he didn't have his feet right. Forrest couldn't helped but be put off stride and off balance, and when he couldn't line up his shots the way he preferred to do so, he lost control of the fight.

DLH and Trinidad showed you have to, first and foremost, control the range and the pace of the fight. Then, and only then, do you light the tempting target up. You can't JUST throw for the sake of it, or Mayorga will get you off your base and on the move, and he'll just keep throwing and coming. Spinks had the skillset to do something about that(Fight constantly on the move, and backwards), but that wasn't Forrest's game, and his awkward retreats were done primarily to reset. He did so, left himself wide open, and got wrecked with one shot.

Textbook styles clash.
good technical assessment of the fight
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