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The Kurgan
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Default Re: frank bruno

Lewis also won the 6th round and was starting to back up Bruno. It was time for Bruno to take a gamble and go after Bruno... Shame the house had the odds in its favour. A hard fight for me to watch, because they're my two favourite boxers.

Bruno was a very dangerous contender. One of the hardest punchers of his era and a very tough man to out-jab (a combination of an "82 reach, an excellent jab, a good defense and a threatening counter-right hand) which made him pretty much a problem for anybody.

I'd pick him to beat any of the current title holders, including Wlad. With better management and training, he could have caught an aged Holmes or even beaten Tyson or Lewis. After all, both Lewis and Tyson lost their next fights of substance by TKO/KO respectively. A more relaxed Bruno could have jabbed Tyson's face into pieces and a more skilled Bruno could have found a counter-right hand like that of McCall.

Anyway, forget what Bruno COULD have done. What he did was enough to prove that he was a contender who couldn't be underestimated and a boxer who guaranteed a stoppage finish.
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Default Re: frank bruno

big frank was an above average contender who would rule today....i beleived he was gonna ko tyson second time out, but unfortunately, he did freeze up...the only fight i felt truly let down by him..he was a genuine british champion and won the title in the with the other poster who claimed bruno had a good chin...i think he did....he had to muchy theory on this is that, due to criticism from early in his career, vs jumbo cummings, smith, witherspoon et al, he was often described as being chinny...bruno being a proud proud man went outof his way NOT to go down when under extreme pressure...if he had learnt to take a knee even, rather than trying to weather the storm, he could have possible turned round some of the fights he lost...he was a superbly conditioned athleste who lived to train, his one criticism for me was perhaps he wasnt a natural fighter like a tyson...a natural athlete for sure, but he lacked that innate killer instinct a true fighter has.....i think he would make pretty short work of todays champs...i dont think they are a particularly bad set of champs, i just believe frank was much better than generally perceived....his only losses come to world champs and two of those were the best, most dominant hws of the modern era.....not a bad record.....
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Default Re: frank bruno

Big strong guy with decent boxing skills and terrific power. Sadly he lacked the fundamental self belief required to be a dominant champ. When he got hurt he froze. A more confident individual would have survived against Smith, Witherspoon, Tyson and Lewis.
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Il Genio
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Default Re: frank bruno

Originally Posted by JLC
Bruno gave Lennox Lewis a boxing lesson easily out-jabbing Lewis and beating him at every aspect of the game...Bruno drove Lewis across the ring in the 7th round and was on the verge of a stoppage victory when Lewis with his head down and looking at the floor lashed out with a wild swinging left-hook that caught Bruno on the chin...Bruno never recoved and Lewis was the TKO winner..... tho i must say Lewis was a very very fortunate victor
Hmmm. At no time did Lewis look like he was about to be stopped, though Frank did catch him with some good shots. TBH it looked like to me that those shots woke Lennox up rather than anything else. Lewis took Bruno too lightly and it showed.
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