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Default Jon Jones at HW.

If Jones moves up to HW and beats Velasquez, where does he rank all time P4P? I know he wouldn't be the first to win titles at both LHW and HW, that was Couture, but Couture won HW, then moved down to win LHW. In this scenario, Jones moves up to HW and wins the title.
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Default Re: Jon Jones at HW.

Great achievement because Cain is a legit HW champ
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Default Re: Jon Jones at HW.

Yeah Cains a great champ, i would be very impressed by Jons performonce
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Default Re: Jon Jones at HW.

one would have to rank him number 1 p4p if he moved up and beat cain.
unless by that time some other dude crossed weights but that don't look like it with GSP and Silva slowing down now.
regardless, I don't see JJ moving up with the ease that so many predict. I see the Dan Cormier beating JJ at LHW. Plus I could see Cain stomping JJ. Don't forget that swede gave JJ a decent fight pushing him in many areas. Just because JJ made butter outta shogun and lyota and well quite a few, lol, but seriously, it don't mean that he can keep doing it. The Cat is outta the bag for JJ now. That don't mean he cant keep winning, it means that everyone is aware of how he has been winning and adapting to it in some way or another. Not just fighters, trainers than love fighting and were maybe good fighters or **** fighters but are passionate about seeing a dude learn how to block a low leg kick like weedman did to silva,,thus they go about picking specific fighters to drill into them what they should of been doing using times when guys like shogun and rampage were getting licked by JJs awesome bag of tricks. So it gets way way harder for JJ to dominate in the same ways he was.

The problem with JJ fighting Cain is I see Cain putting JJ down and controlling him and I see that as a huge problem for JJ. I could see Cain going down, however, I could see him getting back up with only a few bangs none with great leverage,,, that's the same I see for Cormier and JJ in a way,, maybe I am wrong, I simply see both of these guys beating JJ. Not that JJ is not capable because I think its a compliment to his skills that so many think he is better than all the rest already.
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