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Default Re: Tell me about Tank Abbott

Tank was GREAT!!! A true legend back in a era when everyone needed to see what would happen if someone big and strong with little technique and total power brawling just came straight forward full on swinging from the opening bell. Had decent hand speed in his right hand for one or two shots, lol. Lots of power in his right. Not much else. Tank was great because he gave the impression that his only training was drinking beer and bar fighting. He really did have that type of Carwin power in his right that made his opening exchanges dangerous. Tank was not great compared to the top guys. Tank was great for his first year on the scene as he came into the cage confident that if he hammered you with his right he could take out anyone. Personally, I bet he could of been better if he was not such a hammerhead and would of trained more on technique and conditioning, lol, ,, however, that was Tank, he didn't care about those details. For instance, even if he would of worked on a better left hook to go with his straight right he could of been far more dangerous. I used to box back in the day, my straight right was good from day one and my left hook sucked from day one. When I had no power in my left hook I was going nowhere. As soon as my left hook started working, even though it was never great, even though it never felt POWERFUL to me and always felt a little awkward, well as soon as it got good enough to land, well my straight right got WAY BETTER. I went from a boxer that was focused only on landing my straight right to a fighter that focused on using my straight right to fake and land a solid left hook so as I could then unload my right. Ok I didn't go far in boxing so don't get me wrong, however, before I developed a decent left hook I could not win fights even in the beginner levels I was at the time. As soon as I got my left hook good enough to hurt someone I started advancing winning fights until I moved up and got slaughtered. My point is, Tank just did not care about strategy, he just wanted to go out and brawl which was awesome for the short times that it lasted.

Tank was not in Shamrocks class, Kenny I assume your meaning. Tank I bet hit harder than Shamrock, but Shamrock had at that time a superior all around fighting style and ability. Plus I think Kenny was roided up early in his career and was hugely powerful and great on the ground.

Tank was ok on the ground ONLY if he had hit you and fell on top of you in great position. However, other than that Tank was crap on the ground and had no gas tank. Courture or Maurice were on a different level than Tank.

Once Vitor destroyed Tank he really had peaked. Tank had to be the guy that could at least out brawl/swing the other guy, once he found out that there was faster better more accurate brawlers than him that could take him out fast without just trying gas him, well he turned into a side show fighter.

Always enjoyed his early fights however!
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