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Default Re: X's power at 160: how would you rate it?

Originally Posted by redrooster
Now explain to me why you said "Bernard's power is very often underrated"?
Trolls like you

Why would anyone say that? Maybe you and Tobkhan are satisfied with
performances Hopkins-Hakkar but that shouldn't mislead anyone into thinking that Bernard was "Up there" with the other gifted punchers, as you say.
Where did i put him up with other gifted punchers troll? I said he was a solid puncher, nothing more, nothing less.

And yet some misguided fans are putting him up there with Hagler and Robinson. Don't you know all the greats were traditionally feared punchers?
Willie Pep? Benny Leonard? Don't you consider Camacho great? Feather fists right there. Monzon a "feared" puncher? Tunney? Holmes? You're so full of **** your eyes are brown. Who's talking about SRR and Hagler?

When X hits a man they don't wobble unless it's done thru what Merchant says cumulative effect.
Plenty of earlier opponents would disagree. Larry of course also says SRL beat Hagler

Even his jab is more of a push with no real snap as compared with the better fighters and has fans longing for the days of Hagler and Robinson.
One things for sure, when the great welters moved up Hopkins put the suckers down

Hell, I'd much rather see Tony Ayala in action than boring, plain vanilla Hopkins.
Of course you would, a one eyed boxing dunce like yourself could never appreciate the finer subtleties of a Hopkins or Whitaker. You'd be doing more scratching than a one legged bandicoot trying to bury **** in a concrete backyard.

About all I can say is he's a good fighter, a little dirty and a durable blue collar fighter, but that doesn't make him special.
A dumbo like you could never appreciate an artist. If it's not plain Jane simple to see speed, power or both Redrooster is just sadly left behind. All that's flash and glitter has him blinded.

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