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Default Shadow boxing

I have started doing shadowboxing at home in my room
I have watched movies on youtube looking at good guys shadowboxing.

I usually go for 4x4 minutes. Is that ok amount? I normally do this everday at the moment. Any advice on how I should do my shadowboxing? (I am a beginner. 3 months of boxing). And I box at the gym 2 times pr week. I know its not ideal to become really good. Thats why I try to shadowbox when I am home. Will I become better than the other beginnerguys at the gym, when I also do all the shadowboxing at home? How Important is the shadowboxing to become a good boxer?
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Default Re: Shadow boxing

to start with do rounds time sthat you will box e.g 4x3 mins

also i use 1kg weights to increase speed

shadow boxing i feel is to increase technique so just work on technique when you are doing it and look at yourself in a mirror and pretend your fighting your reflection so if you drop your hands throw a right over the top then throw a jab then slip left hook etc....
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Default Re: Shadow boxing

If you're that new to boxing, I would'nt even worry about weights at this point. Right now I would do it just to work on form and technique. Then when you get that down, pick up the speed and a couple weights.
I personally do five, three minute rounds every time I go to the boxing gym prior to anything else (after strecting and jump rope actually). Another thing I would suggest is to do it through out the day. You dont have to necessarily set time aside for shadowboxing. Do it in front of the computer, in the shower, in front of the microwave, on the toilet, anywhere.
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