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Bill Humphrey
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Default Re: nervous energy before the fight

As long as you realise and accept what you are feeling is normal and try not to let it consume you and drain your energy, you should not have a problem. The nervous feeling will not be as intense as you gain experience, but you will always feel nervy before a fight. You just need to accept it and keep a positive state of mind towards the coming bout.

Regards BH
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Default Re: nervous energy before the fight

Originally Posted by patpatpts View Post
ok you know on fight night, when you get there everybody just don't start fighting. you have to weigh in, wait your turn to fight and all that other ****. so it might take 2 or 3 hours before you fight. ok here goes the example we get to the event we weigh in and all that good stuff. now i'm waiting to fight all while i'm waiting for my turn to fight i got butterflies in my stomach, my under arm are sweating, i'm kinda shaky. i'm trying to psyc myself up because i know who ever i'm fighting ain't about to just kick my ass so why i'm so nervous.i'm finally on deck next to fight and i see who i'm fighting. i seen him warm up earlier hitting the pads and i knew i could take him. bells rings and i can't seem to miss him with the 1-2 cause he's comming right at me about half way thru the round i realize i'm more tired then normal and i'm really gonna be tired in the last round if i'm feelin like this. so i open up with a 1 -2 and finish it with a uppercut the ref gave him a 8 count if i could have hit him one time the fight would have been over, i ran out of time. 2nd round i was pot shotting i clearly won them first two rounds. but at the end of 2 round clearly im gas, but coach good at motivating u in the corner like finding ways thats lite a fire under u " u want to lose in front of your family" and the people in the other corner i hear them talking about i'm tired shoot i been tired since the first round. coach said do what you did the second round. yea i tried that but could not keep it up so i just sort of traded with him. that was the closet round. i won fight pretty easy but he caught me a couple times. being nervous for that long kilt my stamina. cause i can do five round easy in the gym. HOW DO YOUR DEAL WITH BE NERVOUS

This is a common problem. There is lots of energy inside you, all you have to do is figure out how to access it. You can train yourself to reach inside and bring it out. You need to do many more intense training drills. Once you drive yourself to the point of exhaustion then learn how to give a bit more, you will find that the pre-fight fatigue due to nervousness will go away.
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