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Default Re: What are the chances of Barerra vs Khan ACTUALLY happening?

Originally Posted by Pug1list View Post
Yeah, right at the end of the show.
It took be aback to be quite honest. The idea that Frank is throwing Khan to the wolves is way off....hes ****ting himself
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Default Re: What are the chances of Barerra vs Khan ACTUALLY happening?

Originally Posted by FLINT ISLAND View Post
you think that was fixed?
obviously that was fixed, and i have thought about this one been fixed on many occasions
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Default Re: What are the chances of Barerra vs Khan ACTUALLY happening?

Originally Posted by Strike View Post
Watching the fight was proof enough. He was not bothered once by Khan in the Olympic final, then a few months later he flies over to the UK for a one off amateur fight against Khan and gets battered, whilst throwing very little back.

Who the **** was Khan in Cuba? Nobody, just another finalist beaten by the great Kindelan, what on earth would possess him to fight here against a guy he had beaten both times he faced him and which was for no title, not endorsed by the Cuban boxing authorities and meaningless?

I'll tell you what. Money. And a pick stack of it, given with conditions. Don't try too hard, let the kid box and don't be so evasive.

I don't even think Khan knew about it, he has a lot of self belief and will have watched the final on tape and thought he could have done better and believed he had it in him to win.
****** fixed it, no doubt in anyones mind who watches the two fights.

Kindelan went from being in total control of space and timing in the final, to being utterly outclassed and unable to slip a shot a few months later. When has such an amateur fight ever happened before? And then surprise surprise Khan no longer feels the need to win a gold, because he just whooped the worlds best and the only guy who stopped him from getting gold before, so let's go pro.

Its well known Kindelan was offered millions numerous time for turning pro, but he never did out of pride and love for his country. You're saying that man would come over and and throw the last fight of his life for some money. Seems odd that he would have to live with that for the rest of his life given he's already turned down millions.

Kindelan - Khan I Pre-Olympics: 33-13 for Kindelan. Khan was outclassed but at the point Khan had less than 10 fights as a senior and had barely turned 17.

Kindelan - Khan II Olympics Final: 22-30 for Kindelan. This was now respectably close. Leading up to the finals, Kindelan had outclassed (more than 20pts) every single opponent at the Olympics. The last round being scored 8-8. Khan was beginning to close up the gap, he went from being outclassed to losing 22-30 and actually tying the last round.

So then why is it so hard to believe that Kindelan could've actually lost in their 3rd encounter?

Kindelan - Khan III in UK: 19-13 for Khan. Yes one could argue Kindelan was not as motivated when he came over to UK but to tarnish the image of a great amatuer that had turned down millions for turning pro by unfounded allegations of bribe and rumours of a 'fix' is very disrespectful to such a rare athlete and the accomplishments of an upcoming young one.
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Default Re: What are the chances of Barerra vs Khan ACTUALLY happening?

No ones saying Khan was privy to the arrangement. The decision to turn pro for Cuban isn't as simple as just taking the money, he has to leave his home, family friends etc. IF he threw the Khan fight he'll have got the money, still had the all important gold medal and gets to still live in Cuba. I can certainly see it has a "shot for nothing" for Kindelan.

Just very fact that fight was set up should start the alarm bells ringing, the silver medalist waits until he gets a rematch with the gold medalist and then turns pro (and the gold medalist agrees to the fight?). Its got setup written all over it and then theres Kindelans performance....
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