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Default How to throw a punch INC. VIDEOS!

Here are 4 excellent how to punch videos. For the link to the demo videos click on the text below where it says four part series.

The article on the movie etc is also worth a read:


(the full article from Sydney Morning Herald)

There's a lot of make believe in movies nowadays thanks to computer generated graphics, trick photography, make-up and actors like Matt Newton trying to convince us he's a hard man gangster on Underbelly.
The upcoming Australian feature [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] is a boxing film set in Perth and, though it's definitely no documentary, its writer and co-star Rai Fazio (pictured, left) is certainly the real deal.

A former Junior Golden Gloves Champion and Australian Amateur Boxing Title-holder, Fazio once knocked out the sergeant-at-arms and another member of Western Australia's Coffin Cheaters motor cycle gang and days later had his [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] in what may have been a retaliation attack.

I know this because I worked as a writer on the film during its long gestation and, if you watch it very closely, you'll hear choice dialogue like "a" and "the" which survived from my draft of the script ...
As part of my research for the movie - which is directed by Shawn Seet and produced by David Elfick - I traveled to Perth to spend some time with Rai, just days after he'd been released from hospital after his altercation with the Coffin Cheaters.

Though he'd gotten the better of two members, the bikers made sure Rai didn't escape unharmed and gave him a very serious flogging.

A few days later someone decided to set the back of Rai's Northbridge gym on fire - but the damage was minimised by the would-be arsonists stupidity and the blaze didn't take.

I spent four days with Rai and stayed at his apartment while things were still very hot for him with the Coffin Cheaters. When I queried him one morning as to our (my) safety, he unambiguously patted a heavy shape in his gym bag and said "we'll be fine."

Not that Rai Fazio needs much help when it comes to protecting himself with his hands: seeing him throw a few warm-up punches with his father, Joe, at the former's gym, it was pretty obvious both Fazio senior and junior could hit me faster than I could spit.

I can do many things in life - making toast, writing self-indulgent blog posts, drinking beer and patting doggies being some of my talents.
Fighting, though, is not one of my strong suits.

I'm not an advocate of violence but I do think throwing a punch is one of many things a man should know how to do, up there with being able to kick a football, change a flat tire, pour a beer and foment revolution in a Central American country.

As the Australian author Sam de Brito (hey, that's me!) says in his enduring advice guide to youth, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]:

Learn to fight: I don't care if it's boxing or jujitsu. The rule is you never get physical until they touch you or a woman. Then you'll know how to break their jaw.

Perhaps you disagree and like one of the characters in Two Fists, One Heart played by [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], you use humour to work your way out of spots of trouble.

But what if some dead**** is threatening you? What if they're actually hurting someone close to you? What then?

Sarcasm ain't much help but knowing how to put one on a bloke's chin might just save the day.

The thing is, everybody has their own two dollar advice on stuff like throwing a punch, and unless you spend some serious time in some serious gyms, you're never going to be taught the right way by blokes who know what they're talking about.

Rai Fazio has forgotten more about boxing than most people claim to 'know', so today, if you're in the mood, check out this [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] he's filmed showing you the ins and outs of throwing a punch.

It's fascinating and would probably cost you a couple of hundred dollars in lessons to hear it from a boxer of Rai's caliber, a man was forged by his father Joe Fazio, who has trained more than two dozen state and Australian boxing champions.

And a final point of interest - I met the boxer, Anthony Silvestro, who is featured sparring in these videos when he was about 13 and far more diminutive.

Take a look at the punches he throws now - he's an absolute monster and a big tip to win a national title in the near future.

Two Fists One Heart premiered in Perth last night and will hit theaters March 19.
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Default Re: How to throw a punch INC. VIDEOS!

Nice one! Thanks!
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Default Re: How to throw a punch INC. VIDEOS!

Good videos, thanks
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