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Default TapouT

Caught half an episode of this show on VS the other day - what the **** is the point of this ridiculous nonsense? They basically just show MMA prospects and journeymen sitting around talking about their daily routines, and then engage in unfunny skits. Why is this considered marketable? Is this actually seen by fighters and their handlers as being all that lucrative to their careers? Do they really push as much merchandise as they claim, just for having some ****ty reality show?

These characters are like caricatures of all the reasons I steer clear of most new-blood MMA fans (I watched back when MMA was actually interesting IMO - in the exciting and uncertain time when, more than just combat between two individuals it involved contention between all the world's varied disciplines, rather than merging them into one supposedly more perfect and i'm, sorry to say, far more boring amalgam) - if I met one of these ****ers on the street they'd have their gaudy makeup haymakered into their spleens in a heartbeat.
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