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Default Re: Damn. I rewatched MAB-JMM and IMO MAB won!!!

I'm a big-time Barrera fan, and sadly, there's no way that MAB won that fight. No way, no how!

The fight was competitive, but scored on a round-by-round basis, JMM did a little more in enough rounds so that the end result appeared much more lopsided than the totality of the fight would indicate.

Breaks my heart, but 118-109 JMM.
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Default Re: Damn. I rewatched MAB-JMM and IMO MAB won!!!

Now please take sound off and score it again! Jim Lampley roars too much as MAB double hooks and goes into silent meditation as JMM out-manoeuvres, out-punches, out-scores weary MAB all the way, just an opinion , it has its value as any other - I also found the judges scorecards abnormally wide in favor of the challenger but HBO turned 12 3 minutes rounds into a case of a knockdown and that gat to be biased.
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Default Re: Damn. I rewatched MAB-JMM and IMO MAB won!!!

Originally Posted by divac
Imperial, this is by no means an attempt to make fun of your knowleadge......
....maybe you're a young fan, or fairly new to the sport of boxing, but anyways, a UD means that all three judges ruled one fighter the winner.

Each judge could have scored the fight 12 rounds to 0 or they could have scored 7 rounds to each case whether its by the wide score of 12 to 0 or close score of 7-5, the deciscion in both cases is unanimous.
Unanimous means all the judges were in agreement of the winner, the score disparity does'nt matter.

A majority decision means means two judges scored for one fighter, and the other had it a draw.

.....and a split decision means that two judges scored for one fighter, and one for the other.

I'm not certain if you understood what those terms meant, but if you did'nt, thats the breakdown.

Again, thats not a putdown to you, I've known many fans of boxing who did'nt know what the terms meant.

.......anytime somebody is'nt quite sure what a term means, by all means ask......this forum is loaded with posters who are more than glad to help in any question related to boxing!
......I myself am often educated by others in this forum!

thanks for that! geez! everytime i learn sumthin new!
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