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Default Re: First Vitali-interview after his surgery!

Originally Posted by Heavyrighthand
On the Klit site, Vitali says he'll have to wait and see how it heals, then plan his next step.

His trainer, Fritz, says we'll see Vitali back in the ring after this temporary setback.

So it sounds as if he's not throwing in the towel, just yet. He will still go ahead the his comeback, but for some reason, I agree with ESPN,in that I also doubt that he'll fight McCline in his first fight back. Not sure why, but I think they'll fight someone else, or maybe jump right to the Peter Oleg winner.
I disagree about vit coming back. He's had 2 years since former chronic injuries forced him out to heal his body. The reason for this latest injury
is because he went into full training for a real fight, and his body broke
down. This wasn't a freak injury for vit. It's his body tellinmg him "no more" Vitaly was an undisputed ring mag hvy champ. He should just do like lennox and call it a career.
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Default Re: First Vitali-interview after his surgery!

Originally Posted by Heavyrighthand
I may be alone, but I thinki he should give himself the 6 weeks to recoup, and get right back in there and go forward with training for his comeback.

And that seems to be what he plans on doing.

The injury is a common one, I read, so it may not be as bad as you all are making it out to be. A torn knee and a back injury does not mean his body is falling apart, which is a big overly dramatic, don't you think?
If it was just one injury, then that's another story.

But look at his last 2 scheduled fights. He postponed or cancelled the Rahman fight 3 or 4 times (I lost count) in a period of a few months.

After taking time off, he comes back, then gets injured AGAIN training for a fight.

Fighting for a living takes a toll on one's body. Not everyone can be like an Archie Moore and fight so often and for so long.

This seems more like a sign that his body is betraying him, as it did a couple years ago when he was supposed to fight Rahman.
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Default Re: First Vitali-interview after his surgery!

If I was a boxer or promoter, no way would I sign a fight with Vitlay right now.

Absolutely no chance of getting paid - and it leaves you unavailable to take on other, money earning fights.

Would you sit around earning nothing waiting and seeing if Vitlay recovered?

Only way anyone should sign a fight with him, is if there is some form of compensation payment if Vitlay has to back out again.
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