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brown bomber
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Default Hatton Promotions and The Future???

Having put on a couple of cracking domestic shows and also signed a number of decent fighters is Hatton on the fringes of becoming a major player amongst the promotional companies in the UK.

Hayemaker seemed to be heading that way but the Setanta collapse has seemingly slowed their pretty excellent progress at the start of the year. Their cards were excellent and a big step forward in terms of putting on fights that mattered.

With Matchroom fairly quiet and Sports Network/ Frank ****** promotions only now starting to put on quality fights I think the sport in the UK is in desperate need of a ambitious new company to ensure domestic boxings survival.

At the recent Hatton show it was the little things that made the show excellent. Music between rounds and fights, post fight interviews taking place on a big screen, things that have been suggested on boxing forums by fans for years and until now ignored.

Two other things have given me hope for the future, firstly the Dean Powell issue we had a couple of weeks back. Powell is a cracking bloke and I don't at all agree with some of the more re****ed things said by some posters however in hindsight I was astonished that Dean was not 'aware' of how these forums worked. Surely if you are the matchmaker for a major promotional company you need to be in touch with what the fans want to see. I think the ****ty matches we saw last season and previously are hopefully going to start coming to an end now that Dean has found the internet and seen what the more responsible posters had to say. I'm sure Dean will keep his eye on the forums in the future and hopefully get a bit more of an indication of what the fans want rather then just Prospect against foreign journeyman nearly every match. We'll see.....

Secondly the WBC Dimante piece of turd title. The absolute ridicule this belt has almost universally recieved from the press indicates to me that titles no longer matter. They just don't. Reading Jose Sulimans comments on it really brought home the fact that this man has no clue about boxing. With the greatest of respects if he believes what he is saying then he is a moron. If he is lying then he's dishonest. So take your pick jose.... Either way the feedback on the titles these days are that they are a joke. Back in 1995-96 I could off the top of my head name every world champ in every divsion and their pro record. Now I don't know or care who the champions are. They are not champions to me- just belt holders of alphabet companies. With many more people adopting this line of thought how long before someone with a bit of business sense and respect within boxing tries to set up a universal governing body which will finally get rid of all the bull**** titles. I think it could happen in the next decade. We have the information at our fingertips. No more hordeing titles in japan etc...

A few months ago I felt boxing could be on the way out but these recent developments have given me hope... Thoughts anyone....

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Beeston Brawler
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Default Re: Hatton Promotions and The Future???

Good post Jeff.

I will have a think and respond
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Default Re: Hatton Promotions and The Future???

I think that Hatton is very much in touch with the punters with regards to what happens in between contests at shows.... Music, interviews, previous footage etc... it keeps people in the Arena.....

We have a lot to learn from the US at boxing shows...

I would like to see high quality amateur contests in between pro fights on shows, it will give the amateurs the exposure that they deserve and get them on people radars as early as possible...

That is the only reason why I have been talking up Tony Bellew on here and other forums for such a long time.... I have watched Tony in many amateur contests over the years and his development from the amateurs to the paid ranks has been fantastic....He is in a top camp too...

We have an opportunity to seize the moment here with a different breed of promoter who is willing to think outside the box, consult with the punters and hopefully keep the ticket prices at a realistic price so they are affordable across the board...

It would be great if Hatton, Calzaghe and Haye can get together like Golden Boy has done in the US and make all the fights we want make cash common sense for the fighters and give the boxing punters what they boxing you don't get want you deserve, you get what you negotiate and I think that we have three names above that as a collective promotion can do just that...lets see what happens...
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Default Re: Hatton Promotions and The Future???

Nice job application!

Seriously, I think it is too early to say for Hatton Promotions, but if they are doing the 'little but progressive' fan friendly things you mention then they have a good chance. Good luck to them, the more competition the better, as long as it doesn't get in the way of good s****s (like Macklin - Mcdermott )
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Default Re: Hatton Promotions and The Future???

At first I was unsure what Shylock would do with Hatton promotions but he seems to be making a real move with the fighters he is working with and the fights he has so far proposed. All the luck to the group because they are making the British scene exciting again and are prepared to put big money in. The Sky contract is a huge bonus for them and one that must worry other domestic promoters.
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