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Guess who?
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Default Re: Will Sky show my coment?

Originally Posted by Dan684 View Post
I've just sent them this........

"I hope and Pray that Sky show this message however I doubt they will. Adam you are trying to fool a fanbase which can see it is being shortchanged. You can fool the football/cricket fans as they have other options and means of watching their sports which may gloss over what you say. Us boxing fans will not see no boxing unless yourselves at Sky show it. Setanta have gone and since the days of Harrison, the BBC have refused to show it (cheers Audley). We know when you aren't showing the fights because we CANNOT WATCH IT ANYWHERE ELSE. Take PPV shows (15 and we dont get to see the whole card) away from your figures and what are we left with ? Friday Night fights which are generally full of meaningless Commonwealth/Lonsdale defenses and 1 per bill at that, and maybe 3 or 4 US cards at best. Sky used to be a fantastic outlet for Boxing fans however nowadays your coverage is abysmal. The problem stands is that at the moment your coverage is the best so you have no need to change this ! Why aren't you picking up the Hayemaker fights now ? Why aren't you picking up the Super 6 Tourny ? Why haven't you snapped up the Sauerland and Top Rank deals which Setanta had. You'd get them cheap now wouldn't you ? Please ansewr this and dont just ignore it like you have done with all the other messages you have done so far !!!"

the thing is you are expecting them to pick up top rank/sauer land deal .but before setanta picked these up,no one had acontract woith them ...
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Default Re: Will Sky show my coment?

Alba I know what your saying mate and I have no illusions that they'll pick all of them up but they could surely go for some ??
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Default Re: Will Sky show my coment?

Can you imagine the outcry of cricket fans if Sky didn't show the cricket this summer there would have be murder over it. Us boxing fans are a dying breed the only way we will get to see our sport soon enough will be by going to the fights you want to see which will cost us fans a arm and a leg. Any other sport and it is picked up by a number of stations I just hope it changes soon.
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