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Default Re: How refreshing is it in boxing......

Originally Posted by gbrandon
I was going to Write a response to this person but everything you said was exactly what I was going to say, you read my mind. I wish I could buy you a beer.
damn dude, I wish you could buy me a beer
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Default Re: How refreshing is it in boxing......

Originally Posted by skipdog
I like Cotto personally. Honestly though, who has he fought? I will go out on a limb and say Hatton to date has had a better career.
who has Cotto fought ill tell you who has fought.

Cotto resume

Carlos Muassa (17-0-0) TKO 8 (Carlos was 32)

Vic Sosa (37-3-2) TKO 4 (Vic was 30)

Lovemore N'Dou (38-6-1) UD 12 (Lovemore was 33)

Kelson Pinto (21-0-0) TKO 6 (Kelson was 2 *WBO title

Randall Bailey (28-4-0) TKO 6 (Randall was 30)*WBO

DeMarcus Corley (29-3-1) TKO 5 (Dmarcus was 31)*WBO

Mohamad Abduulaev (15-1-0) TKO 9 (Mohamad was 32)*WBO

Ricardo Torres (28-0-0) KO 7 (Ricardo was 25)*WBO

Gianluca Branco (36-1-1) TKO 8 (Gianluca was 36)*WBO

Paul Malignaggi (21-0-0) UD 12 (Paulie was 25)*WBO

Carlos Quintana (23-0-0) RET 5 (Carlos was 30)*WBA title

Oktay Urkal (38-3-0) TKO 11 (Oktay was 37)*WBA

Zab Judah (34-4-0) TKO 11 (Zab was 30)*WBA

so thats 10 title fights and ten wins.

common Cotto has been fighting some live faces in boxing and guys that are in there prime.
Cotto has had 5 more title fights than Ricky Hatton.
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Default Re: How refreshing is it in boxing......

Originally Posted by codeman99998
Your original post definitely had jabs at Mayweather and Calzhage, so don't go running for the high ground.

Anyways, you say that it is refreshing that Cotto is TALKING about fighting the best in the sport while others are fighting Baldo and Manfredo. First off, talking about fighting and actually fighting are two very different things. I think Miguel Cotto is a very good boxer and I love to watch him fight, but Floyd has fought the better opposition up until this point. I wouldn't bet a dollar on ANY of Cotto's opponents against the DLH that showed up against Floyd (faded or not.)

This thread was meant as a positive for Cotto at the EXPENSE of other popular fighters here.
It was a positive thread about Cotto and Hatton making some great fights happen. I know because i wrote the f#cking thing. I was just comparing it to those particular fighters. Of course Floyd has fought better opponents. HE HAS HAD A MUCH LONGER CAREER. COtto has steadily faced great opposition and is now looking to fight the winner of Marg v Williams, or Clottey/Cintron. These are great fights. I have much different expectations to an up and coming fighter then the reigning p4p no1 in the world or a SMW chap with 20 defenses under the belt. And rightly so. The mayweather fight against Oscar was great, and against Hatton would be great also. His competition before that though for someone in his position was faiirly average all things considered.
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