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Default When a Fighter goes into those Dark places

If you watch Boxing on ESPN with Teddy Atlas you will often hear Teddy Atlas refer to a Boxer when they get inside the ring and are facing adversity as having to dig down and go into "Those Dark places" mentally. I sensed this tonight with Jermain Taylor When he was being beaten down by Kelly Pavlik and also in the pre fight interview, During the pre fight JT began to get choked up when he spoke about his father not being around when he was a kid I felt that when JT was being beaten by Pavlik that psychologically he went into those Dark places where these bad memories exist and was looking for a way out of the fight and he found it. This is not a Knock on JT I like Him all respect due he is a Awesome ring Warrior, but I do not think we will see JT compete at This level for much longer I think he will retire as he really is without a weight division where he can be effective.
Any thoughts on how the psychological aspect plays into our beloved sport.
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Mike T
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Default Re: When a Fighter goes into those Dark places

I thought Taylor looked really focused when he came into the ring. He looked better than he has lately. Taylor almost proved that in the 2nd round. I most definetly think fighters get psyched out before the opening bell. Good question! Good post! It beats all this racisim ****.
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Default Re: When a Fighter goes into those Dark places

well if you are saying he was depressed which does happen when boxers are tired anyone really but a boxer does get alot of pressure from the outside world especially when your the supposly best middlewieght around.

but yeah i get what your on about in that guys seem to either clam up for no reason. why we train to be focused is becuase of that if we dont we will think of stuff outside the ring which will effect what they do in it.

if you have seen a fighter called michael sprott,he is a british heavywieght who did well in europe but really isnt anything special...he seems to be able to accomplish such feats as beat danny wilaims up and get up of the canvas to ko audley harrison...then he fight matt skelton who is a big but very limited fighter....sprott just seemed to do nothing for no reason a jab to the body or somthing but actually do nothing.

now why is that why could he beat up a very big man in wladamir virchis yet get outboxed by the most slowest plodding heavyiwieghts in the top 20?

i feel if your arrogant or have a big ego then your sorted but when you are not and have less self estem then you have more chances of losing...remember tyson lost his body punching and head movement when robin left him.
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