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Default Re: The way I see Hatton vs. Mayweather going

Originally Posted by Jack
I said in another thread I don't believe it will happen, and I still don't. However, everyone is talking about it, so I thought I'd break it down.

This fight is interesting because it is the age old boxer vs. fighter mach-up. No-one on this forum will deny than PBF is one of the best boxers of all-time and certainly the greatest around today. Hatton is a true fighter and the epitome of 'It may not be pretty, but it's effective'.

Now, I think we can all agree that stylistically, Hatton has the edge. By far the closest fight Mayweather has had was against Castillo. His last fight, whe De La Hoya was actually pressing the action, Mayweather lost rounds. The thing is, Hatton is more aggressive than both Castillo and De La Hoya. Whilst De La Hoya had energy, he was actually winning the fight and stamina is no issue for a cut Hatton.

Personlly, I think this is a toss-up fight. I think Hatton has the big edge in styles, but Mayweather has the talent to overcome that. On raw talent alone, he can beat every fighter in history at least once in his weightclass.

I'd personally say a Hatton UD. That's not because I prefer Hatton as a fighter either. I think he has the style and stamina to win. Mayweather on the other hand, lacks the power to truly keep him away. I'm nto sure of Mayweather can cause Hatton a whole lot of problems doing what he does best, but again, his natural skills - His speed and agility could make this a relatively easy night for him.

I think all the fans, whether Mayweather or Hatton can agree this is a close fight, so please no stupid comments like "PBF KO3" or "Hatton KO1". Show some respect to both guys.

Hatton UD in a very close fight.
Sorry, but Hatton either stops Floyd or he loses. No WAY does he beat him by decision.
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Default Re: The way I see Hatton vs. Mayweather going

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Default Re: The way I see Hatton vs. Mayweather going

Castillo beat the **** out of Void Mayweather and won the first fight, not ever close, the criminals, they called judges were, can't think of a name to really call them.

Hatton can beat Mayweather.
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Default Re: The way I see Hatton vs. Mayweather going

I liked the opening post to this thread..............Respectful & alot of sense being talked imo.............True ... from a "boxing" point of view Ricky cant live with FM but really fellas.....who can..???.............The flip side is that can FM deal with the constant pressure the Hatton brings........rough, unpretty & bullish...........Anyone who says Hatton hasnt got a chance is pretty stupid.........If Hatton can tie him up & get him into a roughouse situation where he lands some of those wicked body shots FM could be in trouble........The big problem is though can Ricky deal with the slick counter punching & movement of Floyd............A very interesting fight..........I'd still rather see Cotto V Hatton from an excitement point of view but FM is the man so if there is a chance of that fight Hatton has to do it.............Lets wait & see.............
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Default Re: The way I see Hatton vs. Mayweather going

Should the fight go ahead (an unknown senario at this point) I think Mayweather takes this by decision. Hatton has a chance should PB get sloppy -a senario I can't really see happening. Would Hatton's offensive artilary get through to Mayweather Jr nearly often enough to swing the fight his way, I'm not that sure at all.

Mayweather by UD. I really hope I'm wrong, though.
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