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Default Re: Arm punches

Originally Posted by damian55
Mayweather and whitaker is/was very much into arm punches. They focused more on speed and timing than actually trying to Ko there opponent. Not all fighter can be the one punch Ko fighter, with power shots coming, that isnt a game that everyone can win at.

I guess it depends on your definition of arm punches, maybe shoulder punches is a better term.
Yeah, my definition of arm punches is a bit different than what you think I'm talking about.
My definition of arm punches is not much proper punch technique and just throwing punches with the arms, basically how beginners throw punches.
I believe every punch should be thrown with proper technique (legs, hips, shoulders, arm), the difference between a knockout punch and a light jab is how much you go into the full motion, a knockout or power punch will fully utilize the full body rotation and a light jab or right cross may only include half the full rotation. If you have no rotation in your punches then there is no "true" power. In my opinion of course.
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Default Re: Arm punches

You can still do stationary punches with minimum upper body movement. This normally happens at infighting range when you have little time to bring your entire force into it and you are busy defending and evading between your shots. A slight push off the heel and turn of the feet can provide enough thrust to land a 'defensive punch' one that is solid and obstructs rather than out to deal serious damage. What seem like arm punches, do have accessory movement that is subtle.
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