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Default Re: Top 10 Aussie P4P

Originally Posted by MSTR
How does Pac get number 1 spot over Floyd? That doesn't make any sense. He lost to Morales, and then beat him in the rematch coming off a woeful loss to Raheem, in which he showed definite signs of aging as a fighter. He then beat Larios, in a fashion that was less then impressive, and beat an old Barerra in far less convincing fashion then the first time they fought. Floyd has been unifying belts, getting shut out decisions and moving up multiple division in a short space of time to make the big fights, like against Oscar.
Mine has since been updated now Juan Diaz goes to 9 and Cotto slips to the ten spot while Mijares goes out.

Also why have Pacquiao at 1 why its simple.

He brings more excitement as the number 1 P4P than Mayweather ever will. Plus i feel beating Gatti after he was done also beating Judah and Baldomir and then beating Dela Hoya while Oscar hadnt won a fight in like forever just is no where near as good as beating Morales twice,Larios and Solis aswell as Barerra.

Its that simple really. Plus Pacquiao has won titles across the boards just as PBF has done but i feel personally Pacquaio has won more convincingly aswell as beaten 2 future Hall of Famers. While PBF has taken some easy options of late.

Dont worry though my ten will change again if PBF beats Hatton.
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Default Re: Top 10 Aussie P4P

Originally Posted by MSTR
Your ratings are good, mine would probably differ slightly but you are accurate by your personal opinion and method of scoring p4p which is the important thing. The point I was trying to make, was over criteria. People who put Hopkins up high do so on resume, but put Hatton down low on percieved ability, when on resume he should be higher. IMO the consistency just is not there. That is what the biggest problem with the Ring's ratings are IMO, the fact that it is so damn inconsistent. I wanted some people who put their ratings down to commit to what their criteria was, as I believe a lot of people just run off popular belief as pushed out through the boxing media. Glad to see Dawson so high in your ratings definitely agree. Joe also is another good fighter, and deserving of his spot. Manny is overated by most, so I agree with you there also. I personally think that Cotto is more talented then Vasquez, but obviously it all comes down to personal preference.
I actually have been tempted to rate Cotto more highly, but I want to see him beat Mosley first. You and I probably feel the same that the Quintana destruction is more noteworthy than given credit.

I put Izzy there because there because of his ability to deal with a variety of styles, and Cotto's life and death war with Torres makes me slightly more hesitant than I am with Vazquez. But Miguel certainly will rise on my list if he beats Mosley.
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Default Re: Top 10 Aussie P4P

I don't believe Dawson wld beat Kessler or Calzaghe at 168lbs. Dawson had a good win over Adamek who was lucky to get past Briggs on 2 occassions. I believe Calzaghe and Kessler wld murder Briggs.

Therefore on his short career to date Dawson is not top 10 just yet.
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Default Re: Top 10 Aussie P4P

Originally Posted by TSFO
1. Ben Crampton
2-10 Ben Crampton

Hey Ben how r u.
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