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Default Re: Why/How did you start boxing? Share your story...

working as a welder met a guy with a black eye--was a boxer i did martial arts--we trained together that evening he hit me in the face --often and with double shots and hooks uppercuts etc i was trying to block his attacks
afterwards we agreed that without gloves the results would have been the same but lots of blood and no chance to spar again in the near future
i boxed from that day on--many of my martial art friends said BUT BOXING IS SPORT ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS BLA BLA BLA they are stil in denial i am still a boxer
my martial arts teacher was much more honest stating that boxing is the one art he respects and understands ---boxers will get through and land punches to head and body
as they start training in in from day one
cheers from oz
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tony mush
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Default Re: Why/How did you start boxing? Share your story...

im tall skinny were glasses and was good in school when i gave a **** that stopped when i hit 16 lol.but when i was in 4th year in school i was at work and some **** i new from my school a 6th year he was 18 i was 16.started taking the **** outta me while i brushed up outside work.i was so angry but couldnt hit him because i new id be fired.

so next day i was in school was at the urinal taking a slash.and the same big **** came in a slapped me on the back of the head and it belted of the wall he laughed and called me a ***got. so i calmly finished my slash washed my hands waited till he was finished his **** tuened around and said come on then and punched anyway the 2 of us started punching the **** out of each other until a few other people came in and dragged us out and your man said ill see you after school.

so anyway i said fine told a few of my friends to make sure there be some1 there to break it up if he got the better of me lol.

so anyway after school i couldnt belive it the whole school seemed to be waiting down on the drive and ehat seemed to be half of the school across the road from my school.

so i said to my friend this must be me ha. handed him my glasses and bag and walked into the circle.btw im half blind without my anyway he comes foward and hits me 3 or 4 times with hard punches to the dazed and back of he runs towards me trying to knock me i let go with a right hand.i swear ive never thrown a punch like it in my life before are since it landed perfectly on his chin.and he dropped clean out i walk over to my friend get my bag and glasses,and walk home.

next day in school gwt a week suspension.not because of the fight but because some1 had t up on youtube and it had apparently 10000 hits in one night the school forced the person who had it up to take it off youtube.since then my friend who also boxes made me start.then from youtube i came across the first ward gatti fight and been hooked since
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Default Re: Why/How did you start boxing? Share your story...

My father loved to fight, always. When he was young he trained with Carmen Basilio's trainer in upstate New York, fought on the Marine Corps boxing team back in 1960-63 or so going 20-0. Wrestled on scholarship at Cornell before getting kicked out, alternate for the olympics. He was fighting at about 125 lbs back then. He wanted to be a professional fighter but his father convinced him there are better ways to make a living than getting the **** kicked out of you.

I trained a little with him when I was young but mostly concentrated on my karate classes until I went away to college and didn't like any of the schools around there. I always preferred the external conditioning styles that emphasized learning to take a hit and straight line attacks with breaking instead of redirection and internal stuff, so at Notre Dame I joined the boxing team to keep some form of fighting thing going as my temper got continually worse. Moved to Las Vegas and had the opportunity to work out in some wonderful gyms. I will never be the fighter my father was but I am fast and strong for 130 lbs.

My father was a converted south paw counterpuncher with a deadly deadly lead left hook. His straight right was nothing special, his jab is HEAVY. I am a right handed swarmer who doesn't like to wait like him, through a lot of punches but wthout the authority of my father. My right is ok and my left hook is good. He was usually too big and strong for other guys his weight, with 17 inch arms at 5'7'' when he was weighing 125. We both have the skeletal condition osteopoikylosis which has created regions of very light bone density, and we are both carry a lot of muscle for our weight.
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Default Re: Why/How did you start boxing? Share your story...

Originally Posted by HTownTexan View Post
Last streetfight I was in is a rather amusing story......

Was at a bar, drinking with 3 friends, some drunk asshole keeps slamming into me as I drink. He does it for the third time so I tell him to f*ck off. He gets aggressive and takes a swing, I stepped back and he misses and is so drunk falls flat on his face. Two of his friends, not as drunk but getting there, come over looking to fight, they were both quite big, bigger than me, so they try and get physical and push me. I'm a lot calmer these days then when I was 16, 17, 18 so I try and calm them down, I turn to say something to the more aggressive one, when the other smacks me on the cheek with a punch, I turned and nailed him square on the chin and he goes out cold. His friend goes beserk and throws a volley of shots, I get hit with one or two before I hit him with a right and sent him staggering but he didn't fall, just grabbed on to a table and went on one knee.

The bouncers (both at least 6''4 and must have weighed like 260) come over, (the bouncers at this bar are notorious for kicking guys asses) and the two grab me, put me in a headlock and take me outside.

We get outside and they take me away from the main entrance, into a little area out the back. Then they let me go and told me I was f*cked. I shot back "you can only fight drunk guys assholes" they just cussed and then one tried a kick to my head, I jumped back and he missed, then as his leg was still extended I grabbed it and charged forward, he lost balance and fell on his ass. The other grabbed me behind in a full nelson and the other got up and came at me about to punch me in the face, before I knew what was up I lashed out and kicked him in the nuts, his face went white and the dude crumbled to the ground, and just lay there moaning. The other tried to throw me down but I stumbled and managed to regain my balance. He came at me at hit me in the side of the head, I came back and clocked him with a right as he went for a left hook, he got hit clean and stumbled but stayed upright, I went after him again with two more shots and dropped him, then proceeded to kick the **** out of his ribs. More bouncers heard the ruckus and came running out at me, but my friends had come out too.

What ensued was me and 3 friends fighting 4 bouncers out the back. It was a wild mess, I knocked one out, one other got hit with a trashcan by my friend, one of my friends got the hell kicked out of him, and then we ganged up on the other two and whooped them up bad.

Then we notice a crowd has formed and f*cking police sirens coming down the street. F*ck that, we grabbed my friend, ran out the the parking lot, kncoking people over as we went, jumped in the car and burnt serious rubber getting down the street. The cops and everyone else must have missed our number plate, and because it was a bar on the other side of the city we never ever go to no one knew us. It's been 3 months and we've heard nothing of it. Thank god.
That's great.

Now how about the real story?
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Default Re: Why/How did you start boxing? Share your story...

started boxing to lose weight, at first I was a bit too conscious of the pounds coming of (boxing is an excellent workout by the way) but after some time the sport grew on me and I've been hooked ever since.
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Default Re: Why/How did you start boxing? Share your story...

I was pretty nerdy as a kid...I was pretty good in school and didn't have to work at it, so I guess that doesn't qualify as nerdy, but to other kids, it did. So basically I got picked on quite a bit, and I don't blame them for it because I was a gay-looking lil guy too lol. I would've picked on me too.

Anyway, I used to get extremely upset about this, but I was in a Christian school so I had bought into the whole idea of not fighting and not retaliating, etc. I used to get in the occasional s**** with kids at school, but nothing huge--I used to grab the kid with one hand and punch or kick him in the *****, so the fights wee usually over quickly. (I have actually never to this day punched a person hard in the head barefisted.) So I never really let out much of my aggression. My Uncle runs a karate school and my cousins used to show me different 'moves' and such. This was back when Mortal Kombat and other karate movies were absolutely huge, and I really wanted to take karate but wasn't allowed due to the distance and price.

I got into soccer when I was 9, and by the time I was in 8th grade I was decent at it. I'd also developed a sense of humor and I'd become alright-looking (thanks, ****rty) so I wasn't a social outcast anymore. I still had a lot of anger/aggression problems, but they didn't result in fighting. I sort of used sports as an outlet I guess. Took up basketball in 9th grade to go along with soccer.

In high school, for some reason we thought it was fun to wrestle/fight. We'd have what was basically submission wrestling competitions on breaks, after school, at practice, etc. I was in good shape from all the sports I was doing, but I wasn't strong at all (6'0, 145lb). Anyway, I used to win just about every time against guys who were bigger/stronger than me.

Then I went to college, and the first thing I wanted to do was join the boxing team. But I was doing ROTC and I had absolutely no extra time for it, so I didn't join up. I didn't join the next year either. Junior year I had a lot more time on my hands, but for some reason I was afraid to try out for the team. I went to a local gym and took a boxing class for a semester, and I loved it. Apparently, I was a really hard puncher (I was 185lb at that time). That got my confidence up and I decided to try out senior year. I did, and made the team. Now I train part time with them and the rest of the time at the gym. Working on having my first fight whenever this guy calls me back and tells me when the show is...god I hate waiting. Been at it for a year now and not fighting is pretty much killing me lol. But yeah, first fight coming up in 2-4 weeks. We'll see how that goes...
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