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Default Re: 6 weeks to lose 14 pounds

Cut down on carbs, but NOT protein! High protein in-take is very important when losing weight if you want to maintain your muscles. A lot of people miss this, and its a huge miss..
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Default Re: 6 weeks to lose 14 pounds

Well --- what are you waiting for.
Start now and lose the ****in weight.
Eat only the right foods.
Burn more calories.
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Default Re: 6 weeks to lose 14 pounds

Originally Posted by alex-boxer42 View Post
I weigh 179 right now after a nice meal. I need to be at 165 for the golden gloves in my state in six weeks. I didn't think it would be a problem except when I started training, as usual I gain weight instead of losing it.

So I know how to lose water weight and diet properly. Im no pro but its easy to wake up, run, eat breakfast right away, eat small meals often and drink a lot of water and not eat after 9. But I'm worried Im going to try to make the weight and get close but not close enough and have to pull out or fight at the higher weight at a disadvantage. Im thinking I might have to just pull an Adamek and fight and 178 with the big guys.

Any thoughts?


I just bought a fat wild salmon. Mmm

Everything is much appreciated!
I was in the exact same situation and decided to just take this one at 178. It's subnovice so I won't be in with any master-pro ninja warriors. My main reason was that it was ****ing freezing here and I didn't want to do the running. Also, i had gotten down to 172 a couple weeks into my cut, but the weight loss was messing with my mind and I was not feeling very good--I want to cut it down over a longer period. Now it's warmer and I'm back running, so I should be good for 165 by my next fights. Anyway, I'm fighting at 178 Saturday, so I'll let you know how it goes and you can use it to make an educated decision
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Default Re: 6 weeks to lose 14 pounds

Originally Posted by Youngblood View Post
I tend to agree with every and anyone who suggests you should fight at your natural weight. The thing is, often our natural weight finds us stuck in the middle of a division. I'm applying this logic to tournaments btw, not club shows where who cares, come in as healthy and strong as possible because it works differently and you have lots of range to work with. (like 12 lbs higher or lower after welter?)

But for tours I'd rather be at the top end of a lesser weight then coming in light to a higher division. Where some guy(s) could have a lot if strength and power over you, and you end up fighting a guy who is naturally 15 lbs heavier who cut properly to get there.

And I use the word properly with emphasis. Because yes, if you cut wrong going down, as in try to water cut it all off at the end, or screw up the nutrients you need to train a long the way, you're gonna be a sick puppy come fight time. As well, putting yourself at risk of physical harm. And the worst kind too...that being your brain.

I agree witht this. Honestly I think cutting down 14 pounds in 6 weeks will have a negative effect.

If you are going for it, I suggest you start watching your diet now, rather than too close to the weigh in. If you suddenly find you're too far behind and might not make it, you might have to do some crazy ass **** such as not eating at all while training like a madman. This can't be good for you.

Training like a madman is cool but you've gotta plan this carefully. If you start up going flat out from the very start, you will not be able to keep it up and will burn out and affect the rest of your training. You need to build up to a peak. I tried to prove the whole cycling theory wrong many times and failed every time. Training in a carefully planned cycle is a must. Week 5 is probably when you should be training the hardest. You must take a couple of days off or at least take it very easy just before the fight. That is definetly not the time you wanna be going crazy just tying to get the weight off, so you need to know you're gonna make the weight comfortably so you don't have to kill yourself in those last few days when you should be taking it easy.

Therefore, watch your nutrition now, not in a few weeks. In a few weeks your training should be stepping up to a higher level anyway and you don't wanna find that you have to starve yourself of vital energy because you didn't watch your diet from the start and are far behind.

You can't cut out carbs. You're an athlete, not a bodybuilder and you need the energy. However, I would be eating low GI carbs. If you wanna do this healthily, in a way that will not affect your performance negatively you have no choice. Even so, I still can't say it's a great idea to fight at that weight. Best of luck.

Edited to add

I didn't take into account that you said you weighed yourself after a good meal. This will obviously make a lot of difference as just before the weigh in you won't have eaten, will have taken a ****, not drank anything etc. So it'll actually be less than 14 pounds you gotta lose.

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