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Cool Ext. Review w/ Photos: Hayabusa Pro Bag Gloves 10oz

The promotional video:

Retail 49.99/$84.99. Shipping from the official distributor is free within the UK. Usually, you pay for what you get. Here, you get more than what you pay for. There are far less expensive options, and these cost me many a skipped student lunch. But, these are very under-priced for what they offer, as compared to others in the same price range.

Style. They are gorgeous, in person as online. The peregrine falcon and logo are printed. The colours are solid and contrasting - the black is jet black, and the white shows no yellow. (Sorry about the varying lighting in the photos.)

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Construction - Leather. The leather is high quality, by far the best among gloves retailing under 50 and well superior to many retailing just under 100.

Construction - Stitching. The stitching is uniformly neat and straight. I can find exactly four stitches which are slightly slanted; the rest are precisely in place. There are no loose ends. Most, including all stress points, are reinforced by double-stitching. Stitching runs close to the edges of the leather, so there are no curling or sharp edges, e.g. where the black palm meets the white thumb. In particular, one can hardly feel where the leather meets the interior lining. In addition, the white piping is folded inwards prior to stitching, so those 'edges' are not properly edges at all but smooth and rounded.

Construction - Lining. The lining is smooth, soft and breathable. But, it is not overly thick, such that you can still feel the shape of the glove. (Adidas and Everlast are cushier.) The absorption is reasonably good. My wraps are not soaked in sweat, just a little damp. The lining usually dries within the hour or two. To expedite drying, I insert a small sachet of dehumidifying charcoal in each glove. And, no, the lining does not smell at all.

Fit - Hand. I have very small hands, being a woman. My hand span measures 20cm or just under 8". I found these gloves very loose without wraps, still loose with 120" wraps and comfortable with 180" wraps layered over the knuckles. Initially, I found the gloves sandwiched as opposed to cradled my hands, due to extra room to the left and right. However, this was solved with wraps. The most uncomfortable part was the thumb - and, it was not all that uncomfortable, really. The angle between the index and thumb felt too wide, and my thumb does not nearly fill the thumb compartment. Again, the feeling regarding the angle became negligible with wraps. Lastly, the slit across the palm opens up when I form a fist, exposing a bit more of my palm. The piece of elastic across the slit helps, but there is room for improvement. But, worry not, boys! According to other reviews, the average man finds them tight at first and 'just right' after breaking them in.

Fit - Wrist. This is my favourite aspect. They have the best wrist fit and support on the market, perhaps barring some lace-ups. No Velcro glove comes close. The closure is truly one-size-fits-all, due to its elasticity and security. Hayabusa calls it the "dual cross directional strap system". (See paragraph below.) The perfect wrist fit compensates for any looseness in the hand compartment. It prevents the glove from shifting or moving at all. There is one downside. They can be difficult to put on and strap on. I either ask my drills partner for help or resort to using my teeth.

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

"Dual cross directional strap system". Strap 1 is the inner strap. Half of 1 is elastic. The other half of 1 is double-sided Velcro. Strap 2 is the outer strap. 2 is not elastic. The underside is Velcro. The upper-side shows the logo. 1 runs under your wrist, through a slot and folds over your wrist. 1 is then adhered to Velcro on the surface of the glove. 2 runs towards your thumb, in the opposite direction from 1, on top of 1, also under your wrist and over your wrist. 2 is adhered to the remaining side of Velcro on 1.

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Curvature. As I was previously using Twins Muay Thai-style gloves provided by my gym, it took me a week to get used to these. They curve so that your knuckles connect with their target, and your fingertips point towards your palm. This encourages good form. In addition, the palm bar prevents any shifting of your fist. For MMA artists, the padding is flexible enough for you to tighten or open up a fist with great ease and speed.

Padding. Do not spar with these gloves. The padding is too stiff. Naturally, there is less padding compared to say, 16oz gloves. But, by no means is the padding inadequate for its purpose. I can feel the pop when I punch bags and mitts, but I never feel pain. Being petite, I also appreciate the compactness of the padding. For once, I don't feel like I'm pillow-fighting the heavy bag, and I can actually see over the top of my gloves. This helps with accuracy. (They are wider than Adidas gloves, though hardly bulkier. They are slightly smaller than Rival, and way smaller than Everlast and Title Platinum.) If you are looking for fluffy types, look elsewhere.

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Professional opinion. I had a boxing coach and shopkeeper look them over at a professional boxing shop. They were wide-eyed, never having seen them before; Hayabusa cannot be found where I am currently located. They praised the padding, saying my hands were extremely well-protected. They also praised the quality of construction. And, they badgered me about how I obtained them. All in all, the gloves were well-received.

From the 10+ reviews I have read, Hayabusa maintains a high level of consistency in manufacturing. I have not come across any reviewer who had to return their gloves.

Effectiveness 4/5
Style 5/5
Durability 5/5
Cost 4/5

Hope this was helpful!

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Default Re: Ext. Review w/ Photos: Hayabusa Pro Bag Gloves 10oz

Great in depthj reavy, i dont realy give a **** ab o-ut hg gloves but twe need more of these reviews around here.,.

sorry for the typos im, kindof drunk.

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