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Default Re: What if Terry Norris came along in the golden age of welterweights

Originally Posted by redrooster View Post
Imagine a young Terry Norris coming along during an earlier era, roughly ten years before. This is how envision his career emerging.

Young Terry Norris turns pro after a modest amateur career and is introduced as a 147 pounder where he hopes to make the big money. It takes him years but after building and developing his skills, builds himself into a half respected contender.

The current title holder is the legendary Sugar Ray leonard-undisputed Welterweight champion of the world. In his last 5 defenses he has destoyed the Hitman Thomas Hearns, aced Bruce Finch, Roger Stafford, Milton McCrory and decisioned highly respected Donald Curry. In addition, he brutally stops Aaron Pryor who some say he was avoiding.

Now it is Terry's turn for his shot. He is given virtually no chance against the legend. Sportswriters all taking a line from one another saying "Terry Norris? Who's THAT? Who's he ever fought? Ray Leonard has beaten LEGENDS. Why did you see what he did to that kid Hearns? Norris will wish he'd never asked for a shot at the title"

But young Terry Norris is not deterred. He demonstrates poise and speed the likes of which may even exceed that of leonard himself.

It is close after ten rounds. Terry knows he has to put into high gear and closes the show strongly - scoring two KD's to lock the decision.

In a gracious gesture, Terry agrees to a rematch but this time wins more one sidedly. Ray Leonard remarks "I was just having a bad night"

In order to recapture some of his lost glory and rebuild his reputation, Ray hits the comeback trail by moving up and winning the 154 pound title a second time, beating Mike McCallum on points and turning back the challenge of young Julian Jackson in a display of speed that rivals Norris himself. Though Jackson is clearly the stronger of the two, Ray's is clearly the more skilled. He evades the clumsy swings of the crude puncher and as Jackson begins to tire, Ray finds the mark with a perfect right to the chin. Jackson staggers back to the ropes and Leonard pounces furiously with 50 unanswered punches

Terry who is sitting in the audience remarks "he reminded me of myself in there tonight"

As for our young new title holder, he goes on to manhandle Donald Curry, and decisons Simon Brown in a shutout.

After two masterful defenses, Terry picks up the mike and proclaims "what can I say? It was the SPEED that beat them!" and eyes a third match with Ray leonard scheduled for September 1986

For the first time however, Norris is made the solid favorite based on the outcomes of their last two fights.

Ray leonard is DETERMINED not to lose a third time and vows to reverse the sting of the first two losses. However, even at the new weight at which he is competing at, he cannot overcome the speed and sharp hitting of Norris. Ray hits the canvas in rounds 6 and 11 and has missed his mark not by inches but by feet. Coming out for round 12, Leonard's eyes seem dulled, deep down he knows he can no longer win and looks to last the remainder of the fight on his feet as Terry sweeps the last 4 rounds

leoanrd admits to his fans "it was like trying to hit Willie Pep. Terry has truly mastered the art of hit and don't get hit"

Leonard would go on to more success in his career, much of his skills and sharpness intact - winning 5 and losing one-a rematch with Thomas Hearns for Hagler's vacant middleweight title.

Their final fight comes on November 1988. Terry, the recent loser in a title fight to knockout artist Julian Jackson, agrees to a ten round fight with Ray but the result is the same though this time it is somewhat closer with Norris winning by a margin of two points
And then you wake up with a wet patch all over your Norris bed-covers.
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Default Re: What if Terry Norris came along in the golden age of welterweights

Norris' chin would let him down throughout the ages.
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