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Default Stew's Training Log


Hello all! It's been a pleasure and a great motivator reading the other training logs on this forum. In turn, I've decided to start a log partly to keep track of my progress (hopefully) and also to rely on any of your positive criticism to keep me on the right track. With school almost nearing completion (I have one more semester to finish this summer) I think I'll have a bit more time to focus on boxing again .

I trained before to compete as an amateur but never fought. I was so close! School ended up getting very busy and became priority #1 so boxing was replaced by general physical laziness (though I work quite hard in school). The goal is to now get in best condition I can, and hopefully get a fight or two under my belt. I really want to apply myself this time around, and with some of the great information that I've gleaned off of this forum I think I have the tools to do that!

I have to admit though, some of the other training logs are quite intimidating. To be honest some of the training regimens seem quite difficult for me right now, as I am over weight by my standards and lack strength conditioning. I'm thinking baby steps here with gradual increases in difficulty. I guess I'll go into my goals now then.


Long term:

1. Achieve a level of fitness I think is good for me. I'm currently 5-8" and 165 pounds (I know way overweight). I would like to slim down to a walking weight of 138 (I've achieved this before).
2. fight an amateur fight! If I could cut weight down to 132 I would be stoked as most guys are definitely around my size at this weight. It's gonna be friggin hard work though.
3. Challenge myself but have fun!

Short term:

1. Cut weight
2. Regain a decent level of fitness.
3. Of course, have fun!


I'm going to try and post my daily routines and nutritional habits plus any other tid bits I find interesting. I could buy a scale and weigh myself every day but I think I want to stay away from that. Instead, because I want to shed some pounds for the month of May, I think I will weigh myself come the end of the month. I know some people will think that constantly weighing myself is a good way to keep me aware of how hard I'm working, and you might be right. But I think for the first month, while I get things started I just want to focus on pushing myself to work hard and see what kind of results I get. If this is a bad idea let me know!
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Default Re: Stew's Training Log

OK! So my first log post:



Oatmeal-cup of oats w/ grounded flax seeds banana and Almond Breeze
Small Americano w/ soy milk


Small sandwich- whole what bread, oinions, lettuce, tomatoe, Havarti cheese
Small bowl of vegetarian Chilli
baby carrots

Work Out:

30 mins intervals on eliptical
20 mins on rowing machine
25 mins on wind bike

Good intensity on all three and little to no breaks in between (or so it seems to me)


Small bowl of 1% cottage cheese
Veggies: broccoli, celery and carrots w/ a little bit of guacamole dip


A little bit of dried apricots

No boxing work today. Maybe tomorrow? I'm really enjoying the cardio work as I feel like I'm getting some wind back. The anaerobic round work with boxing kills me right now, but eventually I want to start doing sprints to help with that and just do more boxing in general.

So my weight is roughly 165 as we speak. lets hope I can keep up this work out regimen and achieve something good.
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Default Re: Stew's Training Log

thats some good cardio! looking forward 2 your future logs and good luck with your first fight
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Default Re: Stew's Training Log

Nice one, mate! Keep with it and I will too!

Thanks for your words of encouragement in my thread....
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