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Default Re: I shat myself during that fight!

Originally Posted by PrideOfWales
I tell you what, that was one hell of a fight. Kessler really tagged Calzaghe hard in the fourth or something. Jesus, I thought that was it. Kessler punches ****ing hard... This guy beats EVERYBODY else at 168 (including the middleweights moving up) and I'd make him favourite against most at Light Heavy. He's a warrior, has tons of guts and has good skills.

It took someone as good as Joe Calzaghe to beat him. It was 50/50 up until the halfway mark and Kessler must have thought he was going to win but Joe's change in tactics was brilliant and just at the right time.

I for one, thought that it would be a lot easier than it was but Jesus, I've never been so worried during a Calzaghe fight.

Massive massive respect to the Dane and all his fans, of which I now consider myself one of.
Echo this post, Kessler has a new fan here, he will bounce back no problem.

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Default Re: I shat myself during that fight!

Even as a Kessler fan, I couldn't help enjoying Calzaghe's style - unbelievable fast hands. A great and fair fight. Calzaghe is the king, and Kessler showed that even though he is number 2, he is far above everyone else in that weightclass
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Default Re: I shat myself during that fight!

I thought the fight would play out like that one paper, Mikkell would give him a hard fight early then Joe would take over.

But when I saw that 4th round I did get nervous that my prediction would be wrong.
Ive never rated Kess a huge puncher, just thought he was quick, accurate and a big guy for the weight. So i wasnt expecting him to land such vicious blows.

Shows Joe's experience and chin to come back from that round like nothing had happened at all. A lesser fighter would have gone into a shell for a round or two , an even lesser fight would not have made it out of that round.

Though Joe won clearly and schooled him essentially, I always thought Kessler was just a few punches away from turning the tide. It was an exciting fight till the last bell.
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Default Re: I shat myself during that fight!

Kessler fought well, he is a much better boxer than I gave him credit for. Kessler had done his homework and early on his game plan was to some extent working. He caught Calzaghe with a few good shots culminating in a very well placed uppercut in the 4th. However Calzaghe had also done his homework and started cautiously knowing that if he overextended himself early on he could be hurt. When he stepped up the pace he was in control until the last round when Kessler gave his all.

Although from the 5th Calzaghe was in control (I had it 117-111) most of the rounds were fairly close which was a credit to Kessler. Some are saying Calzaghe was slow and less versatile but I feel this was also down to the boxing skills of his opponent. This was a very good win that puts Calzaghe among the all time greats.

Kessler must take a lot of credit, many would (and have) lost heart once they realised there is much more to Calzaghe’s game than meats the eye. Kessler was himself hurt in the 8th, this bitter side of me hates the ref for his intervention which might have spoiled my 8th round stoppage prediction, but he came back well. By the 10th he must have known that he had barring a stoppage, lost the fight but he kept going. No whining or complaining; No cheating or loss of temper; he simply got on with the job. I think this loss will not harm the young lad, He is a thinker who took his loss well and gave a fairly accurate account of the bout, he said immediately after the fight that he needs to change his style. He is right his boxing is good but he needs more strings to his bow if he is to mix it confidently with versatile boxers. Being the man he is he will do just that, his story is not over by a long way.

Although a rather technical bout it was also an exiting fight, that combination is rare. Calzaghe did a good job tonight and I am really glad that I watched this bout. He will go down as one of, if not, the greatest boxer(s) of this era.
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