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king s
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Default Re: Harrison vs Haye..."Quit the moaning"

Yes he can!!!
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Default Re: Harrison vs Haye..."Quit the moaning"

if the fight is made then i will pay to see harrison taken out of the game once and for all
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Default Re: Harrison vs Haye..."Quit the moaning"

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
I seriously don't know what people are moaning for, if David Haye decides to fight Audley Harrison.

And I'm still laughing at the rock hard solid ****s, who keep saying....

"I'm not going to buy the pay per view, because I'm rock solid"

These are the type of **** posters, that make me wanna smash my computer up.

Fake *******s....fake as ****.....quote me on it..!

I'm not assed...!

The Bottom Line is, that Harrison vs Haye will be a massive fight. Boxing fights are like block buster films, and in Harrison vs Haye. You have two of the biggest characters in British boxing, both with their own great stories.

People must be stupid here, there is no fight in British any weight class, that will be bigger than this fight. Maybe only one fight and that is Kahn vs Hatton.........that is it..!

Audley Harrison has always said he would become world champion, at the height of his achievements and even still at the lowest moments in his boxing career.

He has never changed his opinion, some people call him deluded.

"I call him brave and a man, for sticking to his one can denied him that"

People talk about, domestic fights. People need to face facts and accept that boxing is deing, its not apart of are culture anymore. It is now just a sport, it used to be more than that.

We don't have many household names, and Audley Harrison is still bigger than, go on smart me all the best prospects fighting today.

James Degale..?

Frankie Gavin..?

I can't even name the rest, but you know who i mean...the Olympians right.

No one in the country gives a **** about them, no one cares anymore....but us guys here.

Well not all of us, because i don't.

I liked the Irish fella who took his own life, and i'm not just saying that because he is dead.


I automatically loose interests, when i see fat middle weights. It just goes to show that, the sport at grass roots..are loosing all their best prospects and athlete's to other sports.................all the least talanted natural athlete's are turning pro in boxing, and having success at amatuer level.

But back to Harrison vs Haye.

I will go on record and say, that it is britians last great domestic fight that can be made. It one of the last great match ups, that will will get Millions and Millions and Millions of viewers.

The Build up will be massive, and come closer to fight time. I bet you, the fight won't be so one sided in the betting ranks.......

Audley Harrison is getting old now, so why not have a massive domestic fight.......

While it can still happen...?
Audley get your **** back in the gym. You shouldn't be wasting time posting your delusions on a website.
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