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Default Re: Matvei Korobov turns pro

Originally Posted by kenmore View Post
I think the Anglicizing of his name to "Matt" is great. It will make him more appealing to American redneck fans. Povetkin should do the same thing and call himself "Al." After all, American rednecks are a big part of the American sporting audience.

I am curious as to what Korobov's ethnic background is. I doubt that he is fully Russian. Is he Tartar?
**** that I can't stand hearing him called Matt

His father is Russian and his Mother is Ukrainian. His fiance is also Ukrainian.

Originally Posted by avk47 View Post
No, you can't get a black Slav! Slavs are an ethnic group with certain phsycial characteristics that are pretty easy to observe. Black skin is not one of them. It is not a nationality.

Originally Posted by Odo View Post
Sillakh for president. Well,I certainly prefer watching him do his job inside the ring. He is a classy fighter who will go very far in the paid ranks whether he calls himself a black, a Ukranian,or a Martian.
Interviews and video iv seen with Sillakh outside of the ring he dresses and acts "black" like in American black rap culture and seems to be embracing America and that sort of thing.

Originally Posted by dabox View Post
hmm a lot of people don't seem to understand that in soviet times everyone mixed quite a lot and russians,Belorussians,Ukrainians are all the same people in reallity....

not just because they speak russians but because they have same roots...

the first russian state was Kievan Rus.....
kiev was the first capital of the first russian state,

usually when people look so alike there is a reason and the reason is that they have the same roots in race and culture...

i was born in soviet union too and here is a good link

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Kiev...Russian state? You are right about them having a start in the same state, Russia is Ukraine's little brother.

Anyways the reason i bumped the thread was that some people seem to be less enthusiastic about Matvey now. I personally don't think he's had any terrible performances aside from getting tired vs Snyder and eating a few right hands, seems like people expect him to not get hit at all.

I came across this information and found it really interesting, cut/paste job

From Doghouse boxing's Gabriel Montoya

I spoke with Korobov’s manager Cameron Dunkin and he told me that Matt has been suffering from a deviated septum for…get this…the last five years. No one could figure out what was wrong with him. Not his new trainer, Kenny Adams, who says he is making great progress in the Americanization of his style (read: adding some much-needed funk to his game), nor Dunkin.

Adams wondered if he was nervous and thus gassing out? “No,” said Korobov

It certainly wasn’t a training issue as Korobov eats well, sleeps like a champ, and works out like crazy. He lives an incredibly Spartan lifestyle, as it turns out

In his last fight, against Josh Snyder in April, Korobov went the distance and was pretty gassed out by the second. But as it turns out, both nasal passages are pretty damaged from a long amateur career. So he is to have corrective surgery; a simple procedure that should have him up and about in no time. He’ll need some three-to-five weeks recovery time, but will be able to keep conditioning and then sparring can begin shortly thereafter, provided all goes well. They hope to have him up and fighting by late-July

According to Dunkin and Adams, they are on course for a busy close to the year and should have Korobov well positioned to begin a serious run at things by the beginning of next year"

Aside from the surgery i wanted to comment on the "adding some needed funk" remark. I'm always skeptical and nervous when Eastern European fighters hook up with other trainers. That is the biggest worry i have concerning Korobov's career.

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Default Re: Matvei Korobov turns pro

Welcome to the thread Vysotsky! I always appreciate your contributions. The information you just provided about Matvey (screw the Matt B.S.) was informative and made perfect sense. Especially the issue with his septum. That explains much because he even appeared to have trouble with the pace in the second and third rounds, when he faded against Artayev in the Olymics.

It is also sad to hear that Silakh is acting all ghetto and ****. He probably got the marching orders from some PR agent knowing full well that the U.S. media will eat it up. Mark my workds this will be the case. The U.S. media hates the typical image of a stoic, hard looking Eastern European who talks via action instead of his mouth. A half Black, rapping Ukrainian who is enamored with American ghetto culture will be their perfect foil for their continuing assault against the traditional Eastern European male image.
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Default Re: Matvei Korobov turns pro

I havent heard any news on Korobov?
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