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Default Re: Never underestimate Marco Antonio Barrera.

In the MAB vs Juarez rematch, even though MAB was considered running away, boxing reporters/experts(no, not us keyboard warriors) said that it was Juarez fault also because Rocky let MAB go backwards. They said that Rocky could have press more instead of hesitating(or lack of aggresiveness). This is true. Remember the first fight, Rocky could have won it but always backs off when he hurt MAB. Even his recent fight with Hernadez, he lack the aggresiveness in the first half of the fight. Only in the last 3-4 rounds that he went forward. Even the commenators were criticizing Juarez for this.

Besides the speed, stamina, and power of Pac, the key to winning for Pac is his trainer, Freddie Roach. Roach knows how Pac fights and knows also that there is a chance MAB might fight running away in his rematch with Pac. Roach will have a plan to train Pac in case it happen on their rematch. And you have to remember also, Pac goes forward, unlike Juarez.

After their first fight, MAB foought EM in their trilogy, beating Juarez in a close win in their first fight, and recently, his battle with JMM. That is 3 more wars that has taken a toll on his body.

I am not counting MAB out, he can win to a decision by boxing technically. But just like his fights with EM and JMM, MAB will go forward. Pac by middle to late rounds TKO or a wide margin UD.
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Default Re: Never underestimate Marco Antonio Barrera.

Barrera is looking for a payday like EM. Barrera was a great fighter and is still a damn good one, but he doesn't have anything to keep Pac off of him. Considering the fact that Manny has added a right hand to his ****nal and will be four years smarter and Marco will be four years older, Pac should stop Barrera in the middle to late rounds.

It won't look as bad as EM-Pac III but it won't be as competitive as EM-Pac II probably something in between. Pac is just too determined to be beat right now at 130.
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Default Re: Never underestimate Marco Antonio Barrera.

Originally Posted by Shake
I've been here for a little while now. I'm usually composed, calm, and evenhanded in my predictions, being careful not to sell anyone short. However, in the possible MAB vs Pac pre-fight conversation I feel Barrera is getting short-changed.

Barrera, like no other, can rise to an occasion. He has asked for this fight, and even threatened his promoter with retirement should he not get it. He wants to pull one last trick, one little dance before hanging up the gloves.

The significance of this should not be underestimated.

Barrera got a crude shock the first time he met Pac in the ring. He didn't expect someone quite that good. Now he knows exactly what he's getting in with, and he wants to be in there again.

MAB is an excellent strategist, and I remember an old quote from Sir Winston Churchill that I think applies.

'However sure you may be of victory, there would not be a war if the other guy did not also think he stood a chance.'

I'm here to predict the upset. MAB by SD.
MAB is a warrior, but Pacquio is too strong now.
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