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Default Qld anbf

At ace fights on Friday night QLD ANBF judges pulled up more fights than i have seen before soon fighters wont fight in QLD because the reffs are that incompertant as soon as someone gets hit they stop the fight .Phil Austin is the main guy as well as Alan Moore and Tony Kettlewell i think that they are more interested in looking good in the ring than doing there job .They will say they are protecting the boxer but come on have they signed up to fight or to play bowls ? We all love to see a good fight and never want anyone to get hurt but it must **** the promters who pay all these guys and the crowd who is watching like myself as for the QLD ANBF get some new fresh judges who want to do there job and dont rob all our boxers of what they love to do!
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Default Re: Qld anbf

Phil is the drama queen of Refs lol, i really didnt think much of it till watching a few recent fights he was ref in, he seemed more concern about looking good, big noting himself and making sure he got heard on TV than the actual fight. Must be frustrating for the boxers involved at times wanting to tell these guys to shut mouth and do job, surely a profficent ref would be able to gesture and control the fight without the need to hear his voice over and over again.

Let the fighters fight and you refs do just that and farkn Ref. Havent watched ALan or Tony yet but i did notice Phil does a fair bit of Drama Queen antics in the ring. I hear his a good ref i thnk he just needs to shut trap a little more, the guys shouldnt have to fight a 3rd guy in the ring, the ref is supposed to make it easy for them not harder.
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Default Re: Qld anbf

With stoppages it can be a fine line between 'too soon' and 'too late', as we all know.

Seems lately though that there's been too many premature ones.

Saw Austin ref the Josh King v Ryan Langham bout (on FOX a few weeks back) and he took control of what was otherwise heading towards being a farce fight.

Austin used to be a contributor at ESB until that pathetic little keyboard warrior Spidot knifed him - pity Phil's not still around, because he could at least comment on issues like you raise here Joe.
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