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Old 11-25-2007, 11:07 PM   #46
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Default Re: How Do you feel about Floyd Mayweather and why?

people fear and hate what they dont understand.mayweather is my favorite fighter for alot of reasons.

1 respect his fighting style, if was a fighter i would want to fight like him most likely.his style is almost bullet proof and you need a manic frantic machine gun style to beat him, and still that might not be enough.

his style will take you to 6 world titles in 5 weight classes, it enables you to fight fighters 20 to 30 pounds naturally bigger then you.hell you can even beat guys faster, stronger, taller etc etc.when it comes down to it with this style you dont even really have to worry about gloves or ring size.let the other guys pick that ****.

am i sounding like a nut hugger lol, man other then that i like floyd.he reminds me a ****y dude i was cool with in school, shid pbf keeps it 100 and he me say cazy **** sometime but i do to, i can relate to him in alot of ways.

family type **** and just trying to be the best at what ever it is you do.his bs and **** talking cracks me up, id be saying some of the same **** on fight night round 3 online doe.i dont mind him hypeing fights or if he is serious.

sometimes i found him funny cause i know when he say some **** alot of times he is dead serious lol.

hatton fans sayed **** you to floyd and floyd said shiittt **** i would be the same way, he keeps it what some may call gutta.what ever that means (lol)
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Default Re: How Do you feel about Floyd Mayweather and why?

The truth is that his out of ring personna is actaually a little enjoyable.

I am not a fan of his in the ring. His style is hit and run. I gave him credit for his ability. I just like guys that engage their opponents and get involved in great two way exchanges.
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Default Re: How Do you feel about Floyd Mayweather and why?

I feel Mayweather is a master boxer, a future HOF, and the best fighter today. That's it.
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