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Default Re: Mayweather looks fit, sounds tired

PBF should suck it up for about 2 to 3 more fights against e.g. Cotto, Williams, and maybe an easy one against Mayorga then call it a career.

He can sound tired now but I'm sure there were a lot more fighters who had more wear and tear on them than PBF at this point of his career.
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Cool Re: Mayweather looks fit, sounds tired

Of course he's tired. His nocturnal training sessions are not natural and are near impossible to really get used to.
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Default Re: Mayweather looks fit, sounds tired

Originally Posted by Erratic Behavior
He rarely watches fights. He says he has better things to do than watch inferior practitioners attempt his craft. He would not describe himself as a boxing fan.

Is that why he shows up to some of the big fights in Vegas, such as when he was seen celebrating during Pacquiao-Morales 2, or when he implied that Castillo quit/took a dive against Hatton?

"I enjoyed it as an amateur. I didn't mind going to the gym," he said. "But now, when I come to the gym, yeah, I'm going to train, and I'm going to train hard -- but the thing is, getting me to the gym. Before, nobody had to come wake me up, like, 'Floyd, let's go to the gym,' because I'd be the one waking them up and saying, 'Yo, let's go to the gym.' Now, they've got to come wake me up, and say, 'Floyd, you know you've got to go to the gym today.' It's been like that for a while.

Quite a contrast from what was shown (or how it was edited) on 24/7. when Floyd called Leonard at 2 in the morning to work out, or when he was speeding to get to the gym.

And as Rafael Garcia put his finishing touches on yet another hand-wrapping session, Mayweather admitted that's exactly the image he wants to leave with Hatton.

"That's the weakness I want him to chase," he said. "Everything is a trap. It's just like a mouse trap. We want him to eat the cheese and go in the hole."

Sounds right, although I don't know why he'd admit this at the end of an interview if the plan is to get Hatton to think that Floyd has lost his edge.
I chalked the ending up to Floyd not being smart enough to understand the reporter is going to print whatever you to him. I bet that after the interview, Floyd said that to the guy, in a wink and a smile sort of way.... and didn't think the reporter would add that part in there.
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Default Re: Mayweather looks fit, sounds tired

I think you guys are misinterpreting the end a bit. I took it this way.....

Floyd was talking about Chavez chasing 100 wins, Holmes chasing whatever he was, and he was saying that he wasn't going to be baited like that. I took it like Hatton is chasing greatness here, like the past boxers and taking a risk he shouldn't have. Just my take. I wasn't really reading too deeply though and have not gone back to re-read.
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