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Default MP3: Hatton and Mayweather Press Conference Audio Files

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FLOYD MAYWEATHER, BOXER MAYWEATHER PROMOTIONS: Hi, how is everybody doing? I’m just waking up. First I want to thank God, thank Golden Boy Promotions, thank Mayweather Promotions, thank Kelly Swanson and the Swanson Team, Team Mayweather and I want to thank all the media and all the press and everybody that covers this event. It’s truly been a blessing and I’m ready to go.

KELLY SWANSON: OK, great. If we can now open it up to questions. We’ll take our first question.

Oh, I do want to remind everybody that because of the volume and how many people are on the call, we are going to go with the one question rule today. Certainly, if we have time at the end, you can re-enter the line but we’re going to start with one question per media member. Thank you very much.

DAN RAFAEL, ESPN: Floyd, I was struck by Oscar’s remarks opening this conference call, talking about the fact that it was tracking so high as it compared to your fight with Oscar and all the closed circuit seats that have been sold and obviously the fact that it sold out in half an hour and, there’s a good chance that this fight may do over a million homes on pay-per-view. It sounds that way. That would make you the first fighter ever in the pay-per-view year to have back-to-back million pay-per-view in the same year. Do you have a chance to do in one year, more pay-per-view than even Oscar, and after so many years of not being on pay-per-view, what does that tell you about your popularity and about, and about what has just sort of mushroomed for your career over the past, say, like 16 months or so, 18 months?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: It’s the right chemistry and the right team. My team has really went out there and went to work for me, not just inside the ring but outside the ring, conducting business and I can remember meeting with you early on in my career and I just told you everything takes time. I’m going to keep dedicating myself. I’m going to keep just working hard and eventually everybody will open their eyes and see that I really want it and I need to be at the top, just working hard, hard work and dedication and going through the struggle but keep, just kept working hard, kept believing and one day I said, I’m going to be a pay-per-view attraction and here I am today. I truly believe that we’re going to do over a million homes and I think it took a lot and it.

Well, it took a lot of work. Guys that were writing articles about my career and about the different controversies I’ve been through as far as all the media, all the writers, Kelly Swanson my publisher is breaking her neck to try to get my face anywhere that she could possibly get it and Leonard and Al, there’s a good chemistry and, of course, Richard Schaeffer and Oscar de la Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions. They do a great of a job and, I’ve got my own company now, so all those things together, mixed in one is what pushed Mayweather to the top and, of course, the main thing is that my skills and my hard work.

FRANKLIN MCNEIL, THE STAR LEDGER: Hey Floyd, one thing that struck me when I watched 24/7, the second episode was the issue of your hand and your shoulder and it was a interesting comment you made and even your doctor was saying she didn’t really want you to go on too much longer in this career.


FRANKLIN MCNEIL: The thing that struck me from that was, if Floyd Mayweather, or will Ricky Hatton be seeing - have the injuries affected Floyd Mayweather in any way, physically, and will


FRANKLIN MCNEIL: Let me finish - and will Ricky Hatton be seeing the Floyd, the same Floyd Mayweather that everyone’s used to being, everyone’s used to seeing.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, I feel that it’s like a lot of fighters go through ups and downs in training camp.


FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I just wanted the people to get a chance to see that, of course, I’m not Superman. Of course, I put ice packs on my back. I go through, therapy also. And even though sometimes I may do or I don’t need therapy; sometimes I don’t even need therapy and I still go just to keep everything in place and in order. So we won’t have a problem once we do get to that plateau.

FRANKLIN MCNEIL: So he’s going to see the same Ricky; I mean we’re going to see the regular Floyd Mayweather.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Oh yes, absolutely. That’s why we do all that stuff and do it early on in camp and we continue to do therapy, like some days I don’t even need therapy and we do it, you know, just to cover all grounds.

MARK STANIFORTH, PRESS ASSOCIATION: I just wondered if you had any particular favorite British fighters throughout history and what your opinion is, broadly, of British boxing at the moment.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, boxing period, in the whole is a beautiful sport. Boxing is art and every fighter has his own style and I can respect that about different fighters but it’s not just a certain country of boxing that I like. I like all boxing; it really doesn’t matter what country it comes from and I’m not really a Ricky Hatton fan, not being disrespectful. I’ve seen a couple rounds of him in a Collazo and I’ve probably seen a couple rounds of him and another fighter but I never really watched Ricky Hatton fight and I don’t study tapes on fighters, so just come December 8th, I’m going to just have to adjust and adapt to his style, once we get in there. But, obviously he’s done something right to be facing Floyd Mayweather, so we’ll have to see December 8th what he brings to the table.

PETE SHUTTLEWORTH, WALES ON SUNDAY: Obviously, there’s been a lot of excitement about this Mayweather/Hatton fight over in the U.K. I mean not, the other one that people are talking about is Calzaghe against Hopkins. Floyd, is that something that you guys want to see in America? Is that something that excites you?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Like I said before, we like all boxing. I think Hopkins is a good fighter. I think Calzaghe is a good fighter and I think the British fans probably want to see it more than the American fans. But I think it’s a good match up and I think both guys are going to bring their best.

PETE SHUTTLEWORTH: Why did you say the British fans want it more than the Americans though, Floyd?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean that’s just the way I feel, you asked me a question and I gave you an answer.

PETE SHUTTLEWORTH: I mean it’s just a fight that a lot of people want to see and it’s obviously Britain against the U.S. You guys don’t have interest.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: I mean, of course, I mean but like first you asked me a question, the only thing I can do is just be honest with them and that’s what they respect about me is my honesty. As you’ve seen he’s coming off a big fight in the U.K. with I think Kessler, that’s his name?

PETE SHUTTLEWORTH: Yes, that’s right.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: And I feel that they, the U.K. fans love their fights so why wouldn’t they love to see Bernard Hopkins, fight against Calzaghe. It doesn’t really matter where the fight takes place; I think it’s going to be; just it’s a good match up.

ROBERT MORALES, L.A. DAILY NEWS: Hey Floyd, I was wondering if I could get your reaction to an interesting comment that Billy Graham had on his conference call last week. He praised your fighting ability and he said you’re a fantastic fighter. Then he was asked about Floyd, the person, and he kind of gave two accounts. He said in one breath, he said that Floyd’s got himself a bad reputation of being a nasty person. He is disrespectful to people all the time. But then he said I don’t think Floyd is as nasty as he pretends. What do you think about those comments from Billy Graham?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: Well, I mean everybody’s entitled to their own opinion and when it’s all said and done; only God can judge you. It’s obvious that I must be a good person because, look at my hand I’ve been dealt over my whole career. So I know who I am as a person and I know how I treat people. It’s just when it comes down to my job and my business I put my boxing, my business first and I dedicate myself to my craft and a lot of times people really want to get a chance to know Floyd Mayweather and there’s more like you’re going to judge, I’m already pre-judged before you even get a chance to know me because of the articles and the stories that are written about me from the past. But, I feel that everything is an obstacle. Everything is a learning experience and you live and you learn and only the strong survive and I’m one of the strong, I’m one of the strong ones. All I do is just keep fighting and no matter what anybody says, Floyd Mayweather’s going to be him. He’s going to continue to spend time with his kids and his family and love the people that love him.

n 10 under my belt and …
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