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Default Frenchy's British training log

Hi, this is my first post in this forum which I kinda stumbled upon while searching some boxing news. I'm French so excuse my bad english.

I'm boxing since last year (started in March 2010) and here's my training log. I am training at my university's club in England, sessions take place tuesdays and thursdays afternoon (2 hours each).
Feel free to give me some advice, critics or anything else that can make me complete my training.
Thank you.

So, today was our first 2011 boxing training session. In fact, I didn't play or train in any sport since the beginning of the holidays (around the 18th of December) if not just some basketball with friends.
So today's training was quite light compared to other days.

We started by warming up: jogging, high knees, and everything. A really really quick stretching.
Then we did some shadow boxing, three rounds of 3 minutes with 30 secs between each round.

After that, some fitness, and more precisely a circuit training.
So basically it was several exercises of 45 seconds each, 5 secs breaks between each. Each circuit was done 3 times. The exercises were the following: push ups, crunches, plank, burpees (only on the floor, not going up), star jumps, sprints, "rowing" (forgot the name but basically you take your partner's hand and make a rowing motion with them), "sitting against the wall" (in France we call it the chair exercise, you just sit against a wall with your upper legs parallel to the floor).

After the circuit training, we took gloves and pads and practiced the following: First just a left jab. Then the right. Then double left jab and right. Then 1-2 hook and finally the right uppercut. This went for about an hour.

Finally some boxing exercises without gloves and pads: the one when you take one fo your partner's hand on the wrist level and he takes you the other one and each one tries to slap the other (while keeping a boxing stance). We did that 2 times. Another one when, in your boxing stance and with your hands up (at face level, just like when you are boxing) you try to hit your partner's legs and he tries too. Did also that 2 times, one in the orthdox stance the other one in southpaw stance. Then, final exercise, with your hands still up, you try to walk on the partner's feet, still done 2 times each one in a different boxing stance.

Then a quick cool down, jogging and stretching.

If you have any comments on this, I would really appreciate it. Also, if somethings don't seem understandable because of my english, tell me.

Thank you and I hope this forum will be useful and entertaining to me.
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