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Default Re: Strikeforce bought out by zuffa!

Originally Posted by RSBonos View Post
They already spent tons on the UK/Australia/Germany and they will spend more on Brazil and if they are really stupid go to places like Japan, India, China etc (Dana said again in a recent interview).

The problem is that besides some strong live gates they can't sell those shows on PPV due to timezones, lack of media coverage for N.A. and in terms of the local market they might maybe convince UK and Aussie fans to buy PPVs in very small numbers but they can't sell local PPVs in the other countries. Look at all the money they spent on the UK and what do they have? 1-2 max successful B shows off PPV and a crappy TV deal in the UK.

Dana's answer to everything is to spend money. Why even buyout Strikeforce and Pride for millions when nobody really cared for them on the whole? Dana lucked out to be in the right moment at the right time. Now we will really see the ZUFFA business acumen. If they really want to dream big like they talk about they will have to spend.

All that and the 15 or so PPVs they will run in the US will dwindle the audience and like you said they have struggled to build new PPV stars. So far they needed to buy the competition to make stars.

The UFC has established the same niche hardcore fanbase that boxing and pro-wrestling has, so they will always be around for the hardcore fans. But I really think that they will burn out the mainstream fan. Same thing happened to boxing in the 90's. I can see the casual fan saying 'MMA is dead' in the next decade, same line they use for boxing today.
I think you hit the nail on the head here. Any company that wants to maintain its dominance always has to spend big bucks. In order to do that they need the revenue. I can't see how they'll get it.
That same success that Zuffa Zombies credit Dana with for bringing MMA to the masses could be the same discredit he'll get if MMA is a niche sport in the next 10 years. This for me is a very likely scenario when you factor in all the various issues and arguments which just simply don't look promising.
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Default Re: Strikeforce bought out by zuffa!

Bummed by this, **** Dana & Zuffa.
I guess it's PPV from here on out.
(Once the Showtime deal runs out)

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Default Re: Strikeforce bought out by zuffa!

Originally Posted by Hatesrats View Post
Bummed by this, **** Dan & Zuffa.
I guess it's PPV from here on out.
(Once the Showtime deal runs out)

White has repeatedly said that he feels they've maxed out PPV. And this year they've already dropped two ppvs from the schedule. Any additional shows will be met by additional tv dates or running split-site broadcasts.
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