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Default Re: Kurt Angle speaks

Originally Posted by Bluenose
Hate to break it to you mate but plenty of Pro Wrestlers are more than capable.

Guys like the following all have some sort of background, some of which have already entered the martial art world.

Ken Shamrock
Sho Funaki

For example Nunzio was trained by catch Wrestler Billy Robinson and has also Wrestled shoot-style matches in the Japanese UWFi. Just look how far catch Wrestler, Kazushi Sakuraba went in MMA.

Funaki was trained by Yoshiaki Fujiwara who has knowledge in catch Wrestling (Trained by legit shooter Karl Gotch). Funaki worked in the shoot-style Fujiwara Gumi/BattlArts promotions.

Also, someone like Dave Finlay could have perhaps done not too bad. He was trained by Ted Betley whom took him to the Snake Pit. For those unaware Riley(Man who ran the snake pit) is considered by many worldwide to be the greatest shooter of all time, with everyone from Karl Gotch to Billy Robinson to Dynamite to Marty Jones having gone through The Snake Pit. I'm sure if you asked Fujinami or Nishimura for a list of influences, they'd both list Riley as a major factor somewhere along the line.

In addition someon like William Regal obvious could handle himself. He does have a tremendous level of knowledge in hooking.

Marty Jones, Dave Finlay, Steve Regal, Robbie Brookside, Dave Taylor, John Naylor, John Foley and more. Bearing in mind that a number of British workers consider Regal to be one of the poorer workers out of that crowd, you've got to wonder just how dangerous some of those guys really were.

Kazuyuki Fujita, Has Competed for PRIDE FC and NJPW. He may not be the best mixed martial artist in the world, but he's certainly one of the toughest. He took a beating from Ken Shamrock, a trained submission fighter, but ending up winning because Shamrock ran out of energy, he also beat Bob Sapp, a glorified street brawler and, despite losing, took it to Fedor Emelianenko, a sambo fighter and the hardest man in the world today.

Shinsuke Nakamura, Yuji Nagata, Yoshiro Takayama all have been NJPW workers who have dabbled in mixed martial arts, all trained in submission/ shoot fighting (like Pancrase), as well as boxing, kickboxing and whatever else they've picked up over the years.

So don't diss certain wrestlers, especially Kurt. He may be deluded at times but he does know his stuff.


About five years ago If Kurt had made the transition to MMA I believe he could have achived quite a bit due to his natural ability and sheer determination. Sadly, his body is now shot and could not handle it.

Although by all accounts back when both he and Lesnar were with the WWE, he destroyed Brock in a backstage makeshift legit wrestling match.
Let them have it.I thought i was on my own then for a minute.Too many idiots sleep on wrestlers.Everyone seems to casually dismiss there pro backgrounds.William Regal was REAL!
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Default Re: Kurt Angle speaks

Also, someone like Dave Finlay could have perhaps done not too bad

Dave Finlay (fit finlay) was wrestling from a child his father was a wrestler and run a wrestling club around Carrickfergus /Greenisland forever it seems ,and I actually think he his fatherhas trained olympic standard wrestlers and still trains wrestlers
So Dave Finlay is a properly trained wrestler and if hes still wrestling today he wouldnt be a kick in the **** of 50 yrs old
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Default Re: Kurt Angle speaks

Kurt Angle is a talentless piece of ****, juiced up on hgh who walks around with a gold medal around his neck and talks a lot of ****..

He doesn't amount to **** until he steps in against some quality opposition. I'm tired of hearing him talk, shut the **** up and fight already.
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Default Re: Kurt Angle speaks

With the way his neck is I'd rather he do color commentating and promoting than to get in the cage. He's a bit past his prime for it to really give a good accounting against top flight MMA fighters. Do they plan on putting him in against stiffs?
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