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Default Shelby Starnes talks MMA Nutrition

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Mike Leng caught up with US national level bodbuilder, powerlifter and nutritionist Shelby Starnes to get his take on nutrition for MMA. Working with people in all walks of life, including combat athletes, Starnes is able to give his views on the hot topics in the diet department.

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

An example of what's in there:

Quote: Peri-workout nutrition seems to be the hot topic at the moment for a lot of people, with MMA using so many different energy systems. Would it be possible for you give an outline for peri-workout nutrition in and out of camp?

Shelby Starnes: There’s no need to get too complex. Here’s a good basic peri-workout protocol for an average 160-pound fighter.

Pre-training: 25g whey protein isolate, 5-10g BCAAs, 25-35g carbs (for a fighter I think a complex, whole food carb is best here – like oats, sweet potato, brown rice, etc.)

During training: An electrolyte drink like Gatorade mixed with more BCAAs (5-10g)

Immediately after training: 25g whey protein isolate, 30-50g quickly digesting carbs – like waxy maize, or maltodextrin. If you’re using creatine, this would be a good opportunity to take it (creatine timing isn’t really important though – as long as you take it daily, you’ll be fine. I personally take mine in meal 2 everyday).
Check it out - any of you nutrition guys out there agree/disagree?
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Default Re: Shelby Starnes talks MMA Nutrition

basic stuff, however 25 to 30 grams of carbs is pretty low hence the need for him to drink gatorade during training, personally i eat a lot more carbs before i train than that
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Default Re: Shelby Starnes talks MMA Nutrition

sounds good. but i prefer charles poliquin
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