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View Poll Results: If you could only see one of these fantasy fights, which one are you picking?
Sullivan vs. Jeffries 25 rounds 6 10.17%
Johnson vs. Dempsey 25 rounds 5 8.47%
Louis vs. Liston 15 rounds 4 6.78%
Marciano vs. Frazier 15 rounds 11 18.64%
Ali vs. Tyson 15 rounds 26 44.07%
Lewis vs. Bowe 12 rounds 7 11.86%
Voters: 59. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 08-27-2013, 09:04 PM   #31
he grant
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Default Re: If you could only see one of these fantasy fights, which one are you picking?

Originally Posted by apollack View Post
I picked Sullivan v. Jeffries not only because it would be a fun fight filled with plenty of hard hitting, but because it would give me a chance to actually see Sullivan in action. To me, the next most entertaining bout would be Frazier vs. Marciano, which would be an absolutely brutal inside war for as long as it lasted.

Not all that interested in Louis-Liston because I think Louis easily blasts Sonny out of there. Everything Liston did, Louis did better, and faster.

Johnson v. Dempsey would be boring, and I think Johnson would pretty much be in control in an anticlimactic bout. Wouldn't be much to look at because Johnson would neutralize and frustrate Dempsey.

Lewis v. Bowe would be disappointing because Lewis would control Bowe from the outside with his speed, jab, and footwork, and sharpshoot and powerpunch him into oblivion, but Bowe would last a little longer than he should owing to his toughness, so he'd suffer a beating until the ref stopped it.

I see most are picking Tyson v. Ali, and that would be very interesting, yet I also see this fight less and less interesting the more I think about it, because I simply do not think Ali allows Tyson to land often enough to get him. Ali is going to move and punch too quickly, and grab any time Tyson gets close. Ali will do better as the rounds progress, and control him more and more. Sure we all watch with baited breath early on, and look for that one big one to land, but Ali is no fool - he'd be prepared for the bomber, and even if he got caught, he'd do what he had to do to weather the storm, and we all know Ali had superior conditioning, defense, and chin, as well as ability to finish a guy who showed fatigue.
Couldn't say it better. Every think of taking up writing ?

I always thought that Sullivan had a plethora of skills. True one punch ko power, speed in combination punching, tremendous physical strength and stamina, a great chin and fighting heart. Imagine if he was actually trained as a boxer. In reality he was somewhere between a bare knuckle fighter and a terrific toughman contestant. If the 1882 Sullivan had a few years w a real trainer , he'd have been an all time top cruiser in my book. I also don't see Jeffries taking a ton of early round bombs from Sullivan like he did a Fitz and laughing them off ... Choynski wrote that Sullivan was a much heavier hitter than he was and that says a lot ...

Would like to hear a bt more about Louis - Liston as I'm not 100 percent sold.

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Old 08-28-2013, 03:13 PM   #32
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Default Re: If you could only see one of these fantasy fights, which one are you picking?

I think Liston gets Louis out early. Lack of range and defense means Louis is in trouble.
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Old 08-30-2013, 12:34 PM   #33
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Default Re: If you could only see one of these fantasy fights, which one are you picking?

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
Sullivan vs. Jeffries would be the only choice.

It would give you first hand information about Sullivanís style, and would fill in a lot of gaps on Jeffries style.

It would explain a lot more beyond that.

The closer you get to the present here, the less you will contribute to the sport of boxing.
I have to respectfully disagree wholeheartedly. The sport needs a fresh breath of life, and if Ali vs Tyson couldn't generate interest with the casual fan, then the sport deserves to die. Both were simultaneously crowd favorites and crowd hated (not sure if there's an acceptable term for that haha) and the watch numbers would blow the roof off ANY other fight.
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Default Re: If you could only see one of these fantasy fights, which one are you picking?

Ali-Tyson really doesn't interest me, but it would be nice for all the Tyson****s to be shut up.
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