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Default Re: Jack johnson

[quote=KuRuPT;12922175]Come on Bat... have you seen the pictures... your telling me some of that wasn't pudge? It most certainly was...

Of course some of it was. What I felt was inaccurate was your stating that he'd "packed on 20 pounds of pudge" and nothing else. As if he were just a fatter, sloppier version of his pre-middleweight self. I merely stated that he packed on more than "pudge", which is an accurate statement.

The best win of his career was beating Gans...

Disagree. Gans had just fought Dave Holly, who was a TOUGH and difficult fighter to beat, the day before. Gans then hopped on a train, traveled all night on little sleep and fought Langford. That always has to be remembered when the merits of this victory are discussed. It's a good win, sure. But his greatest? Not from where I sit. Sam has too many great wins to peg this one as the best. He was fighting a Gans who was on half a tank at best.

that was BEFORE this acclaimed superhuman boost he got from 20+ pounds. Sure, it gave him more pop and probably made him a little more resilent in taking punches from HW... As Sam gained weight.. so did Johnson... That cancels one another out..

Exactly. So what you have is Langford coming at Johnson with howitzers now rather than the shotguns he had before. Johnson gaining weight doesn't cancel that out at all. If anything it makes him a bigger target for Sam's bigger guns.

It isn't hard to imagine Johnson, after tasting the power-boosted Langford's new ****nal, fighting as careful a fight as he'd ever fought, battling more to avoid getting knocked-out than anything else. History shows us that Johnson was a careful fighter, both in and out of the ring. After getting nailed a few times I see him taking a safety first stance, clinching as often as possible and expending his energies trying to avoid punishment rather than mounting much offense .

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