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The Mean Machine
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Default Re: Boxing stresses me out beforehand.

You just have to learn to live in the moment, or else you won't really get as good as you want. You wont have the maximum amount of benefit from your training session if you mentally "aren't quite there", like in thinking about how good it will feel when you are done.

You aren't boxing to feed your guilty concience, are you? You're doing it because you had a certain attraction to it and somewhere along the way you forgot.
Me, when I box or play football, I'm totally in the moment. It is the time where I can look forward to being where I want to be and where nothing else matters.
I used to think like you at some period where I got caught up with others and my own expectation to my performances, and just wanted everyone to know that I'm the best and confirming that to myself.
Once I found football, that changed and I was again doing something for the love of the activity itself no matter how hard or painful parts of it are.
See, I love the pain assosciated with football or boxing because those are the things that make the personal victories feel so much better.
As I experience the pain I can feel my body and mind getting stronger and it makes the painful experience a thrill even.
If I get beat, fine. I'll learn something from that. If I break my leg, I'm suddenly forced to view things in a bigger perspective and focus on other parts of my game. I'll benefit from that, it makes me stronger.

Always strive to achieve some sort of improvement for every session, and thrive on it.
People today are generally to caught up thinking about the past or the future instead of focusing on right here, right now. People have a way of thinking about how to wipe their asses even before they've taken the ****.
Right here, right now...either if you are in the gym or on the field, the only thing that matters is finding that little edge you'll gain from being there and doing what you do. And you have to be excited and willing to look for that edge.

That's what being an athlete is all about, and as long as you don't grasp that you won't ever reach your full potential. The good news it's right there in your mind, you just gotta remind yourself why you really would like to do what you do.
It's not about the glory, it's not about how your friends and peers look upon you as a fighter. It's about how you feel and what you get from it.
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Trevor Ross
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Default Re: Boxing stresses me out beforehand.

Originally Posted by MrSmall View Post
Hey kids,
I have a problem.
Always wanted to compete in boxing, boxed for 6 months, couldn't for 2 years, back at it now, very good gym, top national fighters, olympic team members etc.
The training is ****ing difficult.
I find myself not looking forward to the training and it somewhat stresses me out in advance.
I am nowhere near as good as these guys and I have been nearly in tears from the effort put forward to just keep up.
But I find myself worrying about it and not "really" wanting to go and train, I don't know why.

Maybe I'm putting myself under too much pressure to succeed (I used to want to go to the Olympics but as I see it now I am not going to be ready).

I don't know what to do, guys, I love boxing and want to compete but these first few months are ****ed up.

I keep thinking why don't I stop and just gain 20lbs of muscle and just lift for strength (I find this quite enjoyable, nowhere near as unpleasant as boxing training).

And the thing is? It isn't even unpleasant, I don't know WHY I get stressed or think it's bad. It's hard and ****s me up but I enjoy it everytime afterwards.

Help me overcome this.

I don't want to quit because then I'd be a quitter when things get tough and everyone I know associates me with boxing.
it's one of those things in which if you grind it out and take your beatings, soon you will be the one handing out the beatings. i would kill to be in your position being surrounded by far superior fighters, how can you not get better? just relax and take it one day at a time.
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