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Default Dancing like Ali?

Good day one and all

Due to my interest in boxing, and my friend's amateur team's need for an out-fighter to counter some of the power-punchers of other gyms, i've joined a local boxing gym, in the Light Heavy weight class. Now, a few months into the new year, I'm going to be having a match with a fighter i'm rather worried about. I won't mention his name for his own privacy, but I've seen him fight before. He's a vicious contender, I have to say. In terms of style, i'd have to compare him to a fusion of Frazier and Louis. Like Frazier, he has good forward speed, bulldog-like tenacity, and fiercesome hooks, but he also has Louis' flat-footed stance, economy of movement and power in both hands. He's about 5'11, i'm 6'0, so no great difference there. No great difference in reach either, about 30" from armpit to knuckle for him, 32" for me. I do, however, have faster hands, upper body and feet. He fights orthodox, but i'm ambidextrous so I can fight orthodox or southpaw.

So, I figure that the best thing for me to do against this guy is capitalize on my agility and his own flat-footed lack of it, get up on the ***** of my feet and dance like Ali. Does anyone have information on Muhammad Ali's training regime in his 1960s peak? Or have tips on moving like Ali did? Anything like that would be greatly appreciated. It would also contribute to helping me avoid a clobbering.
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The Predator
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Default Re: Dancing like Ali?

This was a good question for me! he he! I have been involved in boxing for 26 years and boxing the "ali way" is my way of boxing.
First of all to learn to dance like Ali in a few monthīs is hard, if not impossible, but let me give you some tips.
Since you even think about this I take it you have that type of boxing in you, your not a slugger I take it.
Start to go up on your toes and time your jab when you move around your "target" stay on your toes always give your shoulder to your oponent show as little as possible of your body.
Watch some Alifightīs and try to copy it, a good one is Ali- Frazier 2. he moves all the time and not as fast as in the 60īs.
Take a round or two in your shadowboxing to just dance and move around without punches, you have to drop your jab a little to get the rythm going, you will be way to stiff to have both your hands high, moving this way. That is another thing you have to practice on, let your reflexes and footwork be your defense, you have to be very fast in this otherwise I wont recommend that you try to doing this the "Ali way".
You have to practice this all the time. As I said, start the training by doing one or two rounds just dancing around the ring, no punches, when that feels fine, put in the jab and time it with your feet. When that comes you can start shadowbox toward someone and stay on those toes.
When you do bagwork, pads, stay on your toes. Use the double end ball to train your reflexes try to slip it all the time. Then take it into sparring.
and watch those films untill you know exactly how you should do this, with some luck your trainer know this but I know for a fact that some of the trainers donīt know how to do this ( I had that experience my self, my trainer couldnīt teach me this years ago so I had to take it to another level myself, today when boxers at the gym needs to improve their footwork the other trainers send them to me "go to him he knows how to, he canīt stand still"

If you gonna fight a guy in the style of Frazier make sure your jab is fast and aim a little lower than usually cause he will definetly bob and weave, cause if you miss that jab he will be on you and he will probably nail you, so the jab is so important, another thing, donīt move backwords, move around him in a circle, if you are lucky he will start chasing you, they usually do, just continue move in a circle on either way, donīt just move backwords cause you end up in the ropes.
I really look forward to follow your development in this and look forward to see you dance all night long and win.
The best of luck
The predator
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Default Re: Dancing like Ali?

i fing when i do this i keep my right up at my chin and my left shoulder tucked in so if im attacked i can go into a mayweather guard

if its an amatuer fight you need to more than flick jabs so every so often set your feet and land a straight right with full power.

Also i fought a guy like that in my last fight and i find that style of fighters hardest as i kinda freeze up and then go to war with them. Because all the boxers in my gym ar3 boxers not sluggers

all the best in the fight.
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Default Re: Dancing like Ali?

If you want good legs learn to dance, flamenco, Cha cha, River Dancing, break, electric boggaloo anything that requires rhythm, timing, speed and stamina.
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