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Default Anyone damaged their ribs before?

Two days ago I had Rugby training and held the tackling pad for the first time (only ever had to run at it in the past!) - Basically I had my ribcage pressed against my arm which was pressed against the pad and took some big hits which I felt "reverberate" through my body but I thought I was okay, I felt fine afterwards.

I realise now I should've been holding the tackling pad away from my body!

The next day I've got a very general pain all down my right side, only when I cough, sneeze or breathe heavily though. If I poke it it's very tender also. I was fine to box, but today it was worse, and I struggled with it a bit, was also a little scared to take a body shot in defense training.

I thought it was muscular at first, but I did my situps without any discomfort so I figured it must've been my ribs - Are these the symptoms of rib damage? Should I be giving them some rest? I'm sure if something was broken I'd have felt it at the time... Correct?

Anyways cheers in advance for the advice
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Default Re: Anyone damaged their ribs before?

Sounds like it could be broken or cracked ribs... could even just be that your bruised around the area..... but im no doctor

my advice would be

go get it checked out man then yoiu'll no for sure and you'll know if u need to rest for a while or if u can keep training
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Default Re: Anyone damaged their ribs before?

ive broken my ribs and all i can say is either take the training very easy, cut out situps for a little while. and dont do any sparring where your going to be hit in the stomach or chest.
if it still hurts in a few days go to a GP and see what he thinks.
but the ribs take a long time to heal. so be patient.
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