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Default Re: Lactate Range.

Originally Posted by TVLPC View Post
PK, thanks for the article and specifically the video. This is an awesome post.

The person on the video is so accurate with his view of the medical profession. Most of them virtually know nothing about homeopathic treatments, vitamins/minerals, and so forth. I know, I work very closely with MDs in my profession.

As far as training twice daily, if programmed properly, an athlete can be in the best shape of their life for peaking(this is the key word)for an event. However, I agree completely with your comment that boxers are chronically fatigued, and want to make very clear that while intense training may be necessary to compete at a top level, it has long term ramifications.
Under NO circumstances should anyone train twice daily longer than 6-8 weeks, and only a few days a week. It would be awful for anyone to train this way for any length of time and would lead to all types of burnout or fatigue as you say. I would be happy to post what I think this programming would look like, and folks can tell me what they think, pros and cons(that's what makes this stuff fun). I still believe only 3 hard sessions per week is necessary.

As for what S**** was talking about, he is spot on. It is cringeworthy to see what they are doing to these kids. I see it with wrestlers, which is a popular sport in the states. In addition, some of them are close to developing eating disorders, but that's another topic.
The reason for that is because there's very little evidence for vitamins/minerals fixing actual medical issues, occasionally you'll get someone who has health issues because they're lacking something or they have too much of something but that's the exception rather than the norm. Patients don't have that much money and doctors don't have that much time.
Anybody who thinks a naturopath/homeopath is more likely to solve their issue than an MD is out of their head.
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Default Re: Lactate Range.

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
I can't believe anyone doesn't do at least 2-3 workouts a week. I'd be so bored if I did nothing.
A Pro should be in the Gym, or Training most Days. Whats being done, the Why and What, is done at different intensity's. With everything its getting the Balance right
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Default Re: Lactate Range.

Cheers s****... Yep I get that
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