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Default Re: Would Ingemar Johansson have have won the title

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
I will go a step further and say that his right hand may well have been a bit better than Louis'. Of course there are all sorts of right hands: right hands that come from counter punching positions and often via traps (Schmeling, Walcott), 'normal' right hands (Holmes, Lewis, Louis), unorthodox, hard to predict right hands (Marciano, Tyson) and the unpredictable and hard to see ones, like Johansson and recently W. Klitschko.

Johansson was not the complete package, but there's no denying in the effectiveness of what he did had, and how he used it.
Very interesting and obscure topic about different kind of right hands. There are outright right hand bombers like Max Baer and Earnie Shavers, who loaded up full force and didn't bother to disguise their bombs, and the counter right hand bomber like Max Schmeling, who may have pulled the power a little on his right so that he could gain on speed and accuracy of delivery. Johansson's right hand falls in between the two poles somewhat. I'm sure that the same can also be said about the range of left hook bombers too.
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Default Re: Would Ingemar Johansson have have won the title

Originally Posted by Senya13
Overconfident fighters sometimes do silly things. There were plenty of upsets of that kind in history. Fights like Al McCoy KO1 George Chip, Al Singer KO1 Sammy Mandell, Al Davis KO1 Bob Montgomery, Young Corbett KO2 Terry McGovern, Terry McGovern KO1 Pedlar Palmer, Michael Nunn KO1 Sumbu Kalambay, Antonio Tarver KO2 Roy Jones Jr, etc.
I think that it is a grosley sweeping generalization to chalk all these fight outcomes up to overconfidence. Many of them are due to other factors or a range of factors. I verry much doubt that Pedlar Palmer had any reason to be overconfident against Terry McGovern or Roy Jones against Antonio Tarver second time round.

I'd like you to voice your picks.
Personaly I would make Johansen even money or better against everybody Marvin Hart fought apart from Jack Johnson.
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Default Re: Would Ingemar Johansson have have won the title

Originally Posted by Senya13
What power? The one he used to knock out Lloyd Barnett, Erik Jensen, Ansell Baba Adams, Aldo Pellegrini, Uber Bacilieri, Joe Bygraves, Hans Friedrich, Archie McBride? I'd bet my house that Lamar Clark would go through this opposition with a perfect record, all by KO.

What he could do in Machen fight? Use the fact that he was completely unknown and make Machen change his style to something unusual for him, throw any thoughts about defense out the window trying to achieve a quick KO?

Even young Foreman looked like a much better boxer than Johansson.

Johansson is a tomato can compared to Ruiz. If they fought ten times, Ruiz would win all ten, most by KO.
Who did Lamar Clark fight and defeat that leads you to think he would be a likely winner over Joe Bygraves, Lloyd Barnett, or Archie McBride, or any of the others you listed? Clark never beat anyone close to these men.
Your equating of Clark with Johansson is beyond bizarre.

As for the Machen fight, why was a man who was European champion and had been a top ten boxer for three years unknown? That is nuts.

If you think Foreman is the better boxer--fine. But Foreman is an ackwowledged all time great.
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