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Old 08-28-2007, 01:37 PM   #91
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Default Re: why do people still doubt cotto??

Originally Posted by BlueApollo
If you don't doubt a fighter just a little, you aren't ****yzing logically. Unquestioning faith is the hallmark of a fanboy.

Cotto has shown great resiliency and also great improvement in the last couple years, but he is a long, long way from being a perfect fighter, if such a thing exists. What we are going to find out about him as he tackles the elite in his prime is how he handles fighters quicker on their feet, with equal, if not superior technique, and more championship level experience.

Getting by Zab answered some, not all, of the early chin questions. Zab is dangerous for half a fight. Shane is dangerous for twelve rounds.
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Old 08-28-2007, 03:32 PM   #92
How about a fair shake?
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Default Re: why do people still doubt cotto??

Originally Posted by BlueApollo
And hey, we all have fighters we love for whatever reason, I just try to stay objective about whether or not they'll win. Hopkins has probably been my favorite fighter of the last bunch of years, but I'll admit, I was sweating bullets before the fights with Tito, Taylor, and Tarver (not Oscar lmao.) Too much crazy sh*t happens in this game to ever have 100% faith in an outcome.

Honestly, one big advantage I think Cotto caries into the Mosley fight is his cool head. We've seen Shane get kind of frazzled before when things don't go his way (the head butt aginst Forrest, never coming up with a plan B against Wright, arguing with his corner against Oscar the second time around.) Cotto just takes a deep breath and keeps marching forward. I love that about him.
Agreed, I feel Cotto's intangibles will out weigh Mosley's obvious advantages because of the adjustment factor. Cotto feeds off of fustration and those who try to face his pressure head on without a varied game plan. This has always been Mosley's flaw he is a rock set in his ways this is why he never meshed well with other trainers.
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Old 08-28-2007, 03:37 PM   #93
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Default Re: why do people still doubt cotto??

No fighter is perfect.
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Old 08-28-2007, 04:44 PM   #94
El Bombasto
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Default Re: why do people still doubt cotto??

Originally Posted by Relentless
since he became champ at 140lb's people have been saying before every one of his fights that "this time he will get exposed" "this time his chin will let him down" etc etc

everytime somebody was supposed to "beat" him he came out more ruthless than ever and proved the critics wrong,

malignaggi and quintana were 'supposed' to outbox him and judah was a better "finisher" than chop chop and torres and was supposed to be the one who stops the hype,

now we hear that shane mosley is an EVEN better "finisher" than zab though i dont doubt this (shane is my favourite fighter along with cotto and i have seen what he can do!) i think it is stupid people still bringing up the corley and torres fight, corley also rocked floyd, torres has 28 ko's out of 30 fights and cotto also has come a long way since those fights

each and everytime cotto fights he is about to get "exposed"
i don't see how any of his hand-picked opponents could have exposed him. judah was his first potentially even fight, and that was against a guy who never wins elite level fights. i don't doubt cotto, i'm just realistic about his prospects
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Old 08-29-2007, 01:12 AM   #95
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Default Re: why do people still doubt cotto??

Originally Posted by Relentless
what a stupid response

you asked what good punchers cotto has faced after torres and i gave you the list and then you go on to say why didn't i add malignaggi?? learn some english *****

if you think judah, urkal, branco and quintana cant break an egg then you dont know ****.
DO you really think Branco,Urkal or Quintana are power punchers?! They are decent fighters, No one is disputing that, But they are not powerful punchers, Including Malignaggi. Cotto got a scare from Torres & as a result has had some careful matchmaking to get his confidence back. This may have paid off. He has all of the tools to be a great fighter. & for the record, Just because Cotto has a better resume than Margarito, doesn't mean he would beat him. Both have good power & like to trade, But Margarito has a proven chin. Although Cotto is faster & has better technique. That will be a great match.
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Old 08-29-2007, 02:11 AM   #96
C Money
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Default Re: why do people still doubt cotto??

Cotto forced me to stop doubting him when he beat Quintana. In fact, the quick manner he did that in, has mnay not appreciating the difficulty in doing that. When Cotto did it?? I had no choice but to pay the man RESPECT.

After that?? He KO's Judah!! Again much respect.

Now SSM?? Well, there will always be reasonable DOUBT when a guy fights the best opposition and rightfully so!!!!

I salute Cotto on the path he's walking and if he beats SSM?? It's time to serve Mayweather-Medium Raw

IMO?? Too much has been made of his chin issues, it seems clear to me and I've said it since the CQ, that not draining to 47 has allowed him to be physically stronger. SSM made that same assertion in a recent interview

This will be one hell of a fight between two elite level guy's, doing what they are supposed too, FIGHTING THE BEST!!

To all those who will throw the old overnight excuse if Cotto wins?? Here's the answer IN ADVANCE, at least he fought the tougher opponent, INSTEAD OF DLH!!!!!
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Old 08-29-2007, 02:12 AM   #97
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Default Re: why do people still doubt cotto??

Originally Posted by BigReg
Every fighter has doubters. Whether it be Floyd, Pac, Calzaghe, and of course Taylor. Cotto is a good young fighter, but he gets hit way too easily and he's never even won a legit title yet. His best win to date was against a guy coming off two losses and a one year layoff. Do you really believe that has acclompished so much and has shown little enough flaws that nobody should doubt him?
Well said
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Old 08-29-2007, 08:51 AM   #98
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Default Re: why do people still doubt cotto??

Originally Posted by Azania
My take is...If the right Mosley shows up for this one....Cotto's got a big problem.Cause Shane can hit...and fast.Throws great sizzling combos if you are there to be hit....which IMO Cotto is.And he loves it to the body.Plus Mosley is much faster of foot.Not like Floyd-type-fast....he showed that against VargasII(albeit the short Vargas)...mosley is essentially bigger than Cotto...add the fact that he's gonna be slightly taller than/longer reach than Cotto...The only thing IMO in Cotto's favour(??),can Mosley still take it like he used to....Cause in this fight you best believe he's gonna get hit...and hard...Remeber Forrest??He was'nt afraid of popping Mosley and as a result Mosley went into a shell...losing the fight in the process.Sure Cotto ain't no Vernon Forrest...skillwise....but he still hits very hard.

Mosley has to get onto Cotto early and a gap...hopefully we'll see a few knockdowns.Cotto IMO has a puncher's shot on Mosley.Not a KO shot,but wear-him-down puncher's shot...if he can get to him.

Great fight.
Agree with, Cotto may have venom in that body punch but his Gameplan should be around wearing his man down with petrol motion, relentless and pressure attacks... But the same way Hoya - Mayweather turned out to be, when you launch yourself forward you always run the risk of opening up and get countered - not that Shane is as elusive and has the same punchin timing as Floyd - but let me remind y'all that Cotto is still too large for that size and that leads to say he can't land well-placed punches and may be too massive muscled to land well-timed shots 2 ( clubbing rights and power rows like against Zab from the 9th on)... I see Cotto landing on Shane's sides, gloves and arms and missing wide shots from long range whereas Shane can take it from Mayweather, unleashing sneaky rights and snappy jabs down the middle ( a la Judah 2 but no uppercuts or big glancing shots at close range) to sapp Miguel of his strength/energy and use his experience to put on different gears and different effect punches as the action unfolds - it is likely that Shane get keyed up as much as Miguel though...
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