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Default Re: Carlos Quintana

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
P Williams

There's WW. I didn't even bother mentioning Floyd.

Should I name JWW's and LMW's also?

And he doesn't 'suck'. He's just a mess and became overrated to hell after the Margarito fight, because everyone assumed that Margarito was a true top class fighter. He can't deal well with movers, can't deal with effective pressure and gasses after 4-5 rounds, on top of it, he's feather fisted at WW.

He's going nowhere.
Wow Amsterdam, you and I agree about 95% of the time (whether you know it or not) but I have to disagree with you here. Clottey has shown himself to be a very nice couterpuncher and infighter who throws nice short accurate punches and has pretty good defense. Is it that you think he's just being overrated or do you really think he's not that good? I'd take him to beat a lot if not most of those guys you listed. What is it specifically about him that you think he'd lose to all those guys?
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Boris Christoff
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Default Re: Carlos Quintana

I'd be glad to list my reasoning. But before I do lets remember how he struggled against C level Richard Guttierez and could not put away Corrales, who was never known for his punch resistance at 130 and 135, much less jumping two weight classes. Then let's also remember his last fight and how he fights in spurts and gasses. His last opponent was KOed in 1 by Corley, Clottey couldn't even put a dent in him and landed many flush good shots early, he is feather fisted at WW and I have plenty of examples to prove it.

Anyway -

Quintana - Movement disrupts Clottey, Quintana is a well rounded enough boxer to move around Clottey and close it big down the stretch for a wide UD.

Berto - This one I am unsure of, because of Berto's chin, but Clottey has failed to put away about 4 totally glass jawed journeyman level opponents, so I'd expect Berto to win a wide decision.

Margarito - No comment, it already happened.

Cintron - Even has the right style. Straight rights down the pipe and when Clottey fades, he will get KOed in highlight reel style.

Collazo - Tricky southpaw, good fundamentals, good stamina, will out counterpunch Clottey and maybe stop him late. Collazo also has a good chin and has heart.

Judah - The speed and power ought to do it, as well as the movement*. Clottey doesn't last around like Baldomir and other pressure fighters, he fades badly and fights in spurts, that's not enough to beat Judah. You need constant pressure to beat Judah.

Cotto - Cotto by early stoppage, body work is something Clottey is vulnerable against.

Mosely - No comment.

Estrada - He'll outwork Clottey down the stretch, this kid's underrated, he's also going to KO Berto.

Alvarez - Alvarez is a good mover, coming along well, totally outclassed Cruz, who did have experience. Going by Clottey's statistics in fights, Alvarez should be able to box to a decision.

Hlatschwayo - Underrated boxer, would outbox him to a decision and Clottey lacks the power to change the course of the fight.

P Williams - Williams 120-108.
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Default Re: Carlos Quintana

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
Margarito - No comment, it already happened.
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